Me Made May 2016 – The final days

What, it’s like how many days later?  I’m just getting around to sharing my last days of me-makes for Me Made May, and it would seem I missed the last couple of days!  I totally forgot to take pics!  Oh well, here’s what I do have…


Pattern:  Miss Ruby Tuesday
Designer: 1 Puddle Lane
Blogged:  Yes!


Pattern:  Ruby Top
Designer:  Made By Rae
Blogged:  Yes!


Pattern:  Vintage Simplicity 6432
Blogged:  No.  I didn’t like the way this top turned out at all.  I’m probably going to repurpose the fabric for another project.


Pattern:  Vintage McCall’s 8179
Blogged:  No.  There were several fitting issues here, and this was my wearable muslin.  The back fits perfectly, but the shoulder fitting (or lack of) completely threw off the bust adjustment and caused considerable neckline gape.  Just goes to show you can’t ignore part of the fitting process!


Pattern:  Go Anywhere Bag
Designer:  Noodlehead
Blogged:  Yes!


Pattern:  Miss Ruby Tuesday
Designer:  1 Puddle Lane
Blogged:  Yes!


Pattern: Butterick 6175
Blogged:  No.  I will soon though.  I’m very happy with this top mostly because it’s super fast and works with high waisted bottoms.


Pattern:  Casual Lady Top
Designer:  Go To Patterns
Blogged:  Yes!  Seriously though, this is just a wearable muslin and the fabric is going back to the reuse pile!

This last week of May brought lots of bad news my way (the kind that really ruins a girl’s week), the kind that makes you forget about sewing!  I know, what horrors are those?  It’s not health related, just pretty big life decisions, in different parts of my life, that all seemed to converge at the same time.  I felt very discombobulated because of them, but I had my amazing family, my chickens, and Peaky Blinders to help me through it 🙂  I also reconnected with a very close friend that I haven’t seen in a long time, so there was that.

Now, on to OAL16!  So excited.  I’ve started my top and decided I’ll be making Sew House Seven’s Alberta Street Pencil Skirt.  I’m really hoping to finish on time this year!

How about you?  Are you going to participate?  You should!


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