The Hedgehog Hoodie Vest

Flashback to a couple of years ago, I fell in love with a Patagonia vest at our local outdoorsy store while buying my daughter camping gear. It would’ve been perfect for her, but I mean $59 for a child’s vest?! I love Patagonia, but I just couldn’t spend that kind of money when we were picking up so much gear for her already. I couldn’t get the vest out of my mind though, and I knew at some point I’d need to sew one up.

Well now I don’t have to wait! The only difference between this new vest pattern and the one at the store is this has a hoodie and the Patagonia version has a funnel neck collar (that I’m totally gonna hack in the not so distant future).

Today Tie Dye Diva released the Hedgehog Hoodie Vest*, a unisex, reversible vest pattern with options for pockets. It’s a straightforward pattern, but the fun is that you can make it in a wide variety of fabrics and closures (snaps/buttons/zipper) for different looks. Today only, Friday, it’s available as her $5 Friday deal!

This is the main side with pockets made in a quilted knit from JoAnn’s. It’s a medium weight knit fabric, and I really love the quilted detail and the gold stripes.

I used kam snaps since I didn’t have any brass snaps on hand (or a separating zipper that matched), but I think it’s a great way to use up my substantial collection of kam snaps before my girls outgrow their style. The reverse side has the heart shapes!

This is the reverse or liner side of the vest which I made in a polartec fleece with a bit of a pile. It’s leftovers from the pullovers I made my girls last year when we went to the snow. This fleece is quite warm and will keep her core warm as we head into colder weather.

I didn’t find anything difficult with construction, it’s all pretty straightforward, and I was able to sew it up in an afternoon. As anyone knows me it’s the fabric selection that takes me foooooooreverrrr! That took like 2 days. I really wanted to use a soft-shell for the outside and a fluffier fleece for the reverse side, but she liked this combination better so that’s what we went with. I might make myself one with the soft-shell because a little birdie said there might be a ladies version coming, shhhhh, no promises…

The leggings are Sterling Leggings*, also a Tie Dye Diva pattern and probably my favorite girls’ leggings pattern. They fit her so well! This fabric is double brushed poly Descendants themed, and I picked it up from Cali Fabrics a couple of weeks ago. I thought my girls had outgrown Descendants but they went crazy when they saw it, lol!

Don’t forget, it’s only on sale for $5 today, then it goes to regular release sale price tomorrow. If you pop on over to Tie Dye Diva’s Facebook group, you can peak at some of the tester versions, including some made in faux fur.

*What are affiliate links?  When you click on my affiliate links, you pay the same amount for what you buy, but the designer compensates me with a percentage of your purchase with no extra cost to you.  It’s like a sewing commission that lets me sew EVEN MORE STUFF!

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