A Girl’s Summer Mini Capsule Wardrobe

Now that the hot weather has truly arrived, my almost kindergartner has been begging for new summer clothes.  I kind of felt like she had enough, but she really needed more comfy everyday clothes.  The kind you just pull out of the dryer and can easily wear.  I find these tend to be knits as they don’t wrinkle, and they’re easy for kids to just have fun in!

I had a few patterns in mind, but then I ran across Sew Like My Mom’s pattern testing call for the Posey Tunic and Peony Leggings.  Ummm, YES!  I’ve been following Melissa’s blog, Sew Like My Mom since I was pregnant with my second one, and I was attempting to refashion some of my clothing into maternity wear.  I enjoy her tutorials and her crazy sense of humor!

Anyway, I was fortunate to be able to test for her and was able to sew up some pretty amazing outfits for my girl to mix and match!

Striped Tunic

The Posey Tunic has several sleeve options including tank, shoulder, elbow, and long sleeve lengths. I made the striped tunic in size 4 in elbow length, and the purple version below in tank.  It’s so easy to whip this top up, from cutting to sewing in an hour if you’re uninterrupted, maybe 2 if the little ones keep screaming “MAMA!!!!  I need you!”.  The striped version seems longer than the purple version, but that’s how crazy knit fabric is.  I’m assuming this is because of the percentage of spandex in the purple fabric.  The striped fabric is just thin cotton jersey.

Biker Shorts

The Peony Leggings are just freaking awesome and the fit is spot on in a size 5!  I really love the contrast band on the sides, and there’s also the option to rouche them if you want something more fun.  Of course I had to rouche them for that extra little girly touch.  There are also length options for biker shorts, capri, and ankle length pants.  I tested the biker shorts because my girl needs shorts desperately.  They’re also nice because they can double as panty hiders under dresses too 🙂

I really like the simplicity of these patterns; they’re just like RTW clothing basics you would see at Target, but we get to pick the beautiful fabrics we like.  The pattern instructions are very simple and clear, and photos are so easy to follow.  These are perfect for beginners wanting to tackle knits, or anyone wanting to whip up some quick and simple outfits for a mini capsule wardrobe.

You can also get the bundle here on sale, I believe until Thursday.  I will be sharing more of these outfits because I’ve made even more already, just haven’t taken pics.  She keeps wearing them and they end up covered in food and dirt before I can get them photographed!!!  Anyone else’s girls secretly pigs in disguise?!

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