The Ruby Top – Sewing a Simple Top

Made By Rae’s Ruby Top is so easy!  One thing I strongly dislike about digital patterns is printing, cutting, and taping them together, so if a pattern has TONS of pages, I find I avoid them, even if I love the design.

Not the case here!  The Ruby Top has very few pages as the front and back pieces are combined into one piece, all you have to do is fold!  There are a total of 3 pattern pieces.  So easy!  And the combination of color blocking, fabric combinations, both knit and woven are endless.

Honestly, I would never have purchased this pattern (because of its simplicity) except that it came with a bunch of other patterns for an amazing deal when Made By Rae was updating her site last year.  Can you believe I’ve been sitting on these patterns that long?  I know, me neither!


The yoke pieces require such little fabric that small pieces of leftover fabric can easily be used up here.  I have so much leftover fabric that I plan to use with this top.  For my first Ruby Top, I chose a fun woven print I’ve had for at least 20 years.  It’s leftover from a skirt I made way back when, and I loved the print so much I couldn’t part with its leftovers!

I paired it with a very cute brown fabric that has silver sparkles tastefully woven throughout.  I only had a small amount of this fabric, so it has been in my stash for years.  I really like the way the fabrics pair together.  I made this top in a size XS, just like my previous Ruby Top.

Ruby Top French Seam

I used French seams throughout, so it would be pretty on the inside too.  I ran across French Seam Help From the Serger on Colette’s blog, and I used this method for my French seams.  It made the process very quick, and the serged seams do make it easier to turn the fabric and press.  I imagine this method will be great with thinner fabrics too.

Ruby Top

The only problem is my French seams took up more seam allowance than I had, especially in the front and back (I didn’t think to add more to the pattern when I cut my fabric), so the top ended up being snug, especially under the arm.  I removed 1/2″ from each underarm before attaching the bias facing, but it still fits a bit snug.  It’s also a bit short, or appears to be in these pics.

Ruby Top

I decided to make another Ruby Top to test out a different size.  I used the size S yoke and kept the size XS for the front and back pieces simply because I didn’t want to reprint them.  I chose a chambray remnant for the yoke pieces and a thrifted t-shirt for the front and back pieces.  Another reason I love this pattern is that the t-shirt was a medium, and I had enough fabric for the pattern 🙂

Ruby Top

I left the bottom seam on the t-shirt, but I did cut out the size seams.  I used Wonder Tape to match up the stripes and make my life easier.  I also tried to position the pocket as best I could, but it still has a little downward slope.

Ruby Top

I like the length too.  It keeps everything covered when I have to pick up the little one or lift anything above my head.  It’s also much more comfortable under the arms with this size combination, although I didn’t use French seams, I just serged them.

I’m very happy with the sizing of the pattern now.  I think I want to make the dress version with the addition of the 3/4″ sleeves for the fall.  I’m optimistic.

I love that I can play with this pattern so much to personalize it, and it’s just so darn quick and easy!  Do you have any patterns you love like this?  Please do share!


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