Nini Noni Nightwear – A super comfy pj pattern release

Last year when I had a bit more time to sew, I made a whole slew of pj’s for my girls to get ready for cooler weather. One of these patterns was testing the new Nini Noni Nightwear pattern for Designs by Call Ajaire (DbCA) for Project Run and Play (it was library themed which we LOVE), and it’s now available in DbCA’s shop at 25% off, so I thought I’d share mine today with you.

First, some pattern details, and there are LOTS: this unisex pattern is designed for knits with moderate stretch and is available in sizes newborn through 16 years, has nightgown (maxi with or without puffs), shorts (with or without ruffle), pants, top and tunic versions, and sleeves with or without gathers, and it includes layers for easy printing. I think just selecting the version I wanted to make was the hardest part, but showing my girl the options she selected exactly what she wanted in like three seconds flat, lol, which were views C and E, the tunic top with puffed short sleeves and pants.

My girl is very thin and tall, so her measurements put her all over the place as usual. DbCA does an excellent job of showing you how to blend sizes for each pattern, so I made sure to follow them exactly and the fit turned out perfectly! Unfortunately I made them a few months ago, which seems like ages now so I don’t remember exactly what sizes I had to blend (sorry! I know this info can help sometimes when blending your own too, so when I make my girls their summer pjs, I’ll remember to note them down). One of the wonderful benefits of separates pjs is that you can mix sizes. I do remember her chest being two sizes smaller than her pants. Mixing sizes in RTW is impossible really, so they’re always short on her and look awkward, not to mention the cold ankles, so I do try to make an effort to sew her pajamas.

I used two different types of fabric for her first (I didn’t include pics because some pattern changes were made between the versions) and second pairs, but both included combinations of cotton spandex and organic bamboo french terry knit. Both were lovely for this pattern, but I did notice that when I made the bottom part of the tunic with bamboo knit it felt quite heavy to me, but my girl didn’t mind at all.

I do love DbCA’s patterns, and the instructions are quite thorough with plenty of tips along the way. The most important part though is my girl found them extremely comfortable. She has some heightened sensory issues particularly with her pants, and she has LIVED in these since I made them, even commenting that they were her favorites which always feels good because who wants to hear their kid complain about how uncomfortable something you made them is? Often with pants all I get are complaints from her, so I was so relieved that she loved these!

Also since I dropped off the social networking scene I didn’t notice that a free 18″ doll version of these pjs was released!!! I cannot wait to make these for both of my girls’ dolls for spring/summer! Also you can pick up the Nini Noni Nightwear pattern 25% off until Valentine’s day with no code necessary!

Happy sewing!

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