The Hedgehog Hoodie Vest

Flashback to a couple of years ago, I fell in love with a Patagonia vest at our local outdoorsy store while buying my daughter camping gear. It would've been perfect for her, but I mean $59 for a child's vest?! I love Patagonia, but I just couldn't spend that kind of money when we were …

My New Diva Pants

I know! I'm back so soon 😉 It's for good reason...there's a new pants pattern out for knits that's so comfortable and flattering, not to mention versatile, that I had to share it. It's actually my favorite new pants pattern (I've made three already!). Yes, I do gush every time Tie Dye Diva releases a …

The Fabric Rebel in Me

I’m sharing the Cali Blog post here, but I really wanted to point out how much I love the top’s simple pattern modification!  It’s the Fair and Square from Tie Dye Diva, and it’s from a tutorial I put together back in August which you can find here.  I’m definitely making more of these next year because it’s absolutely adorable, and she’s worn it so many times already!

Cali & Co

I’m a bit of a rebel when it comes to seasons and fabric. I probably should start sewing with all the heavier-weight fabrics that keep us warm as the weather cools down, but right now I find myself gravitating towards gorgeous, breezy cotton lawns and bright, candy colored spandex knits. Cali & Co. does not disappoint with their selection either! I had some pretty tough choices to make, but I’m very pleased with what I narrowed it down to.

For this fun and girly ensemble I selected the Fair and Square Tunic and Sterling Leggings patterns from Tie Dye Diva Patterns. Both are a bit modified to take full advantage of the fabrics, and I am head over heels with the way they turned out!

This White on Black Floral cotton lawn isn’t typically a print or color I would choose for a little girl, but as mine is getting…

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