The Casual Lady Top and My New Coverstitch Machine

I’m in love with the Casual Lady pattern!  I just want to keep making these!

The first top I made was a size small, according to my measurements.  I wanted to make a muslin first, so I found some super cheap jersey blend knit fabric at JoAnn’s for like $2.  It’s really cute white with black polka dots, and even the cutting lady was like “Whoa!  That’s cheap!”.

I cut out the front and back pieces, including the facings and put it all together following the instructions (somehow I neglected to read the part in her instructions about not using thin knits for the facings).

Twin NeedleI serged the seams and used a twin needle for all of the hemming.

Polka Dot frontI absolutely hated the way it turned out though.

Polka Dot backIt was too frumpy, not at all like what I’d imagined it would be.  I felt very disappointed.

NecklineThe neckline was all stretched out in the back too because I hadn’t used a walking foot when I was hemming it.  After wearing it once, the facings were curling up so much that I cut them out.

Unravelled Hem Front

After wearing it repeatedly because I loved the fabric, the bottom hemline began to unravel.

Unravelled Hem Inside

Can you feel my frustration?  It’s sooooo annoying!

After a couple of months avoiding knits (are you surprised really, look at all of those annoying pics 😉 I decided to buy the Janome CoverPro 900CPX coverstitch machine 🙂  In all reality, the thing that keeps me from whipping up my knit projects is switching to a twin needle, only to feel frustrated when it falls apart.  The stretch stitch on my sewing machine is lame, so logically I decided it was time to throw my money into a coverstitch machine.

I bought mine a few days before Seamwork’s knit issue came out (thankfully they “recommended” the one I had chosen as a good buy for the home sewer!!), and I just felt like this was meant to be.

Front Floral topThen after letting my new CoverPro sit in its box for a few weeks, I finally decided to dig in and cut into some floral knit I had purchased awhile back from Stonemountain and Daughter.  I pulled out the Casual Lady again and decided to go down a size.  I serged all of the seams and coverstitched the hems, and I’m in love!!!!  It can’t get any easier than this people.

Back Floral top

I did remove the facings this time.  I just didn’t like them.Coverstitched HemsI turned the neck hemline down and just stitched with my coverstitch.

This was exactly what I pictured when I bought this pattern!  I love the fit (although I might need to do a sway back alteration after looking at these pics, any thoughts?), and it looks good tucked in or out.

Are you tempted to buy a coverstitch machine?  They are pricey, but for myself, I saved up and know that I’ll be much more productive with one.  I decided on the 900 instead of the 1000 because I figured the extra cost didn’t justify the extra features.  I did do a lot of research before buying the one I did though, and sat on it for a long time before finally pulling the trigger.  So far I’m very happy with it though!

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