The New Tulipa Dolman

Tulipa Dolman

I really love a good knit pattern, and Sew Like My Mom is one of the best at drafting well fitting knit patterns.  I’m so excited for her new Tulipa Dolman because it’s great for mixing and matching knits.

The Tulipa Dolman is a sporty dolman style top, tunic, and dress with two views, a gathered and ungathered body, short or long sleeves, and pockets.  It’s available in sizes 12 months to 16 years, a huge size range!  I tested two of them and love both!

Tulipa Dolman

The first version I tested is a size 4 tunic with long sleeves.  I went for the ungathered body which I figured would look best with the stripes design I was going for.  My knit fabric has 4-way stretch (it stretches in both directions) which is necessary as the pattern requires fabric with 30% stretch.  By turning the direction of the stripes, my fabric needs that lengthwise stretch to make it fit properly.

Tulipa Dolman

I did add 3/4″ to the length of the sleeves and body, although I don’t think she needed it in the body portion.  It will definitely last her through the year though as she tends to grow up, not out.  The added 3/4″ is perfect in the sleeves though.

Tulipa Dolman

I absolutely adore the pockets though, and they’re perfect for little treasures.  What is it about little girls and shoving their hands into their pockets like they’re trying to touch the ground through them?  It was so hard to keep her from doing that, hilariously difficult!  Can you tell how delicately she’s putting her hands in them now?!  And seriously take a good look at that awesome stripes matching (haha, not under the pocket though…)!

Tulipa Dolman

I also tested size 14 for myself.  I selected the dress in view B, the gathered body.  My fabric is a light to midweight double knit with exactly 30% stretch.  I actually wanted to use a fabric with more drape, but I didn’t have coordinating thread which made me so annoyed.  I hate when that happens.  I had originally bought this fabric for a Ficus Cardigan, but oh well, it works here too.  I mostly just think the fabric print is busy and wanted something with a larger print, but we make do right 😉

Tulipa Dolman

I did cut the neckband almost 1″ longer because of the limited stretch.  I measured my neckline opening before attaching the band, multiplied that measurement by 90%, and that’s how I determined the length.  It lays perfectly without any stretching and puckering.

I decided not to add the pockets after all, and I think I should’ve added inseam pockets (not included in the pattern), but for testing it’s best to keep it to the designer’s pattern.

Tulipa Dolman

I did shorten it 1″ because I’m short, and Sew Like My Mom’s dresses tend to hit at the knee for modesty, and to give girls a chance a to grow and continue wearing the dresses.

Tulipa Dolman

And how you’ll most likely see me wearing this dress, because I was pretty much born in flip flops.  I could definitely see this dress paired with strappy heels or boots and accessories though.

The Tulipa Dolman pattern is on sale (no code necessary) for only a few days in sizes 12 months – 8 years, 6 years to 16 years, or as a bundle.  The chest size goes up to 35″ in a size 16, so if you’re smaller like me, it’s a family pattern!

Guess who took the pics of me?  My girls did, and it was so fun!  Most of the pictures were only half of me, and my littlest one kept telling me to turn to the side a little bit which made me laugh way too much, but they’re getting it I think.  The tripod wasn’t tipped over once!

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