Fancy Tiger’s Sailor Top

Sailor Top

Oh my goodness time flies!  I’ve really enjoyed spending so much time with my family over the summer, and although I’ve been sewing, I haven’t shared much on the blog.  Let me tell you though, I’ve completed a lot of sewing projects that have piled up in my sewing room, and it’s felt good to remove some of the clutter there, like I can see my desktop!  I’ve also been unearthing some patterns I’ve printed and cut out for myself but never made, and the Sailor Top from Fancy Tiger Crafts is one of them.

This top has been on my to-sew list since it first came out and I read about it on Miss Make’s blog.  When I saw it come up as one of the little classes on Creativebug, I went for it because hey, pattern comes with the video (aka cheap with monthly membership).  I love Creativebug in case you’re not familiar with them, although if you’re sewing/knitting/crafting, you’ve most likely been targeted by their ads 😉

Sailor Top

Anyway, the Sailor Top is a super cute and simple woven raglan top with a gathered neckline.  It’s an excellent beginner project (especially because you can use quilting cottons), and the video is definitely helpful for those visual learners.  When I found the pattern I had previously printed, I had cut out a size XS.  I went ahead and made it in XS even though I’m at the higher end of that measurement, and it did turn out a bit snug, especially across the back and under the arms.

Sailor Top

I can still wear it, and actually did so all day without much discomfort, although my expression above looks like I’m about to burst into tears!

The fabric I used was Petite Prints Deux Cosette in Indigo by French General for Moda. It’s a soft quilting cotton, and I really love the darker colors for fall.  It’s one of the prints I picked up online when I was awake in the middle of the night nursing my littlest one.  That girl cluster fed for months, and Mama did lots of late night fabric shopping…

Sailor Top

Anyway, I decided to go up a size and try a S, and I’m glad I did because it fits perfectly, despite my ever present stern expression (haha!).  Unfortunately I think the sunflower placement is a bit crazy on this fabric, but I like the brightness and cheerfulness of the top.

Now I’m ready to make this top fer realz, but I think I’m going to make it with longer sleeves.  Yup, they have a sleeve lengthening tutorial on their blog in case you’re interested too.  I think I’m going to add elastic casing at the bottom of the sleeves though instead of a straight hem.

So, do you like to roll out of bed and take pictures of yourself before brushing your hair or washing your face too?  One of these days…I’ll get my you-know-what together.  Give me a couple more years!



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