The Men’s Shirt – Refashioned

Ruby Top

Refashioning clothing is seriously lots of fun,  and what’s easier than refashioning a men’s button down shirt?  I have amassed a sizable collection of men’s shirts, and they’re taking up lots of space in my fabric closet.  Aside from having a fabric closet which is AWESOME, I have fabric spilling out of it because it’s full of men’s shirts.

Ruby Top

One of my first refashioned button down shirts was this blue striped one I shared last year during Me Made May 2016.  I used Made By Rae’s Ruby Top pattern, and I used the shirt’s cuffs as “cap sleeves”.  I love how it turned out, but I kind of messed up my measurement of the sleeve placement, although it’s hard to tell really.

Basics Tank

My most recent refashioned top is this Basic Tank by Cali Faye Collection.  I used the existing shirt hem and just moved my pattern piece to accommodate it.  I also moved the front to the back because I like the look of the button placket on the back, obviously.  Then I forgot when I made this first Basic Tank that I needed to make some fitting changes to the upper bust/armscye part of the pattern.  It’s snug there and doesn’t look good.

Basics Tank

You can also see where that snugness pulls at the back as well by the drag lines.

Basics Tank

I do love the overall design of the Basic Tank and know I’ll make more using it once I fix the fit (maybe just size up?).  Since the fit is off, it pretty much gives everyone a peep show when I moved around, so it’ll probably be relegated to a layered tank under a sweater.

There will definitely be LOTS more of these refashions since I have many, many of these button down men’s shirts.  Do you have patterns you like to use for these shirts?  I’m thinking maybe a crop top next…


5 Replies to “The Men’s Shirt – Refashioned”

  1. I am TOTALLY in love with how you “recycled” a men’s shirt into a darling little top. I especially love the gathering and the back buttons, but also how you added the little sleeves. I love those darling sleeves!

    I would really love to see this same style with a longer sleeve also for those of us who have the mid-life gravity drop (aka arm fat). I’m thinking something…with a gather and a flair to match the back. You make me wish I knew how to sew!


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