Some Selfish “Back to School” Sewing with Cali Fabrics


Well I’ve taken the longest break from blogging (!), mainly because I spent half of my summer soaking up the sun (and melting) with my girls, and the other half injured and whining about being in pain.  Well, I’m much better now thank goodness, and I’m back to sewing.  Of course instead of sharing what I’ve made my girls for back to school (not much, to be honest), I’m sharing what I’ve made for myself instead!

I finished two patterns from my #2018makenine list!  The View Ridge Top from Straight Stitch Designs and the Lander Pants from True Bias!  I’m so not holding myself to that list because I know there’s no way I’m going to actually finish all of them this year, but it’s nice to check off something from it.  Anyway, I’ve loved these patterns for ages and so glad to finally get them made.

To begin with the Lander Pants, it took me some time to sew up these pants from printing to fitting to finishing my final version.  I was very thankful that the fitting process was super easy though!  I only needed to make slight adjustments to my original muslin as the fit was pretty spot on from the beginning.  My measurements put me in a size 2, and I used the finished measurements to help me make my decision.

The first thing I noticed when trying on the muslin was that it was just a bit snug and uncomfortable in the front lower crotch area (slight camel toe), so I made a round pubis adjustment and scooped out just 1/4″ in the curve.  Even this very small difference felt much more comfortable.  The next thing I noticed were frown lines at the front, and I know I have slightly larger front thighs, so I let out the front inseam 1/4″, and that solved everything.  I re-sewed up my muslin with these changes, tried it on and it looked great, plus I could squat down and sit with no tugging issues.

Now, a couple of months went by in between these fit changes and making my final cropped pants you see here.  Since my injuries kept me from working out, my thighs are much smaller again, and my hip/lower bottom shape changed.  This really did change the fit of the pants, but not significantly enough that I can’t wear them.  I will scrap the fit changes I made to this version though and probably just shorten my crotch depth on the next pair.  I do love these pants though!

The View Ridge top is the cropped version which I made in a size 2.  I also love this pattern, and the cropped top is perfect with these pants.  My recommendation for this pattern is that if you’re in between sizes, size up.  Also, I need to make some shoulder adjustments to my next version since it gapes, but I probably won’t tackle this pattern again until next spring/summer.

To read more about the fabric I used, check out my blog post for Cali Fabrics.  I really loved working with both fabrics, and you’ll see more pics there with details.  I’ll be blogging more here too, once I get back into the swing of things!

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