My #2018makenine Pattern Selections


Me too girl!  This is my expression when I see my very optimistic To Sew list.  Actually she’s using one of those apps that turns your face into something else, and for some reason this is her favorite expression to test out each face with.  Gets me rolling every time!

Anyway, each year I appraise what I’d like to make for the upcoming year, challenge myself, then never do most of them because something always interrupts it.  I first saw the make nine challenge a couple of years ago I think (here’s more info about the #2018makenine challenge), and although I didn’t participate, I figured it would be fun to at least think about and pick nine things I would like to make for this year.  We all like to check things off of our lists, and I have several gaps in my wardrobe, so here goes!

My #2018makenine Picks

I grabbed pics from the designers’ websites, and by clicking on them you can stop by their sites to see even more.

Make 1 – Lander Pants from True Bias – I definitely need pants, and I absolutely love the button closure and pockets on these.  I’ve been seeing so many of these sewn up and love them all!

Make 2 – Ultimate Trousers from Sew Over It – These are definitely my style and would make a perfect go to pants and shorts pattern once I get the right fit.

Make 3 – Tamarack Jacket from Grainline Studio – I love this for a seasonal transition jacket.

Make 4 – Minoru Jacket from Sewaholic Patterns – This is exactly what I need to replace my current jacket.  There’s also a sew along on her blog with lots of tips and pointers.

Make 5 – Ogden Cami from True Bias – Simple summer staple tank.

Make 6 – View Ridge from Straight Stitch Designs – I think this is another great summer top with a little more detail, but still very simple lines.

Make 7 – Agility Tank from 5 out of 4 Patterns – This is perfect for some workout tops and a swimsuit top.

Make 8 – Fringe Top from Chalk and Notch Patterns – I love pullover tops that are super casual and fun, and this is just perfect for that.  It looks great in a variety of fabrics too!

Make 9 – Alberta Street Pencil Skirt from Sew House Seven – This pencil skirt has been on my list for ages I think, and I absolutely love those pockets!!!

If I’m going to be honest with myself, there are soooo many more I want to tackle, but these I really want to make this year.  I have most of these patterns already, so it’ll be great to finally sew them.  I’m actually fitting the Ultimate Trousers pattern right now (make 2 on my list), and it’s giving me a challenge for sure.  I think I may have figured out my fitting problem though, fingers crossed!

Are you participating in the #2018makenine challenge on Instagram?  I just love see what everyone has on their make nine list.  Let’s see how many I get done this year!

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