A Frozen Party “Dress”

Since so many mamas are making last minute princess dresses for Halloween, I thought I would share my Frozen “Dress” for inspiration.  It’s not so much a dress than a fancy top, mostly because we were going to Disneyland when I made this, and I wanted her to be able to run around and get on rides easily.

Frozen Party Dress

I made some dresses for both of my girls using this purple Frozen fabric that says “Sisters Forever”.  I used the free Party Dress pattern from the Cottage Mama as the base for them, but I obviously made LOTS of changes.  I’ll share my older girl’s Frozen dress at a later date, you know when she lets me take pics of her wearing it…

Frozen Party Dress

I made no changes to the bodice really, just used vintage buttons off of another thrifted dress (seriously the best way to get buttons for super cheap).

Frozen Party Dress

I shortened the skirt portion considerably, adding channels for grosgrain ribbon to pull it up to expose the underskirts.  I also added some lace trim for contrast and to “fancy” it up.

Frozen Party Dress

The underskirt is made from some lavender charmeuse I was saving for a coat liner, but never made the coat so I’m finally using it here.  I used tissue paper over the fabric so I could cut it easily, and it reduced the slipperiness while cutting with my rotary cutter.  I finished the bottom edge with a narrow hem.

Frozen Party Dress

I cut several strips of this very nice, soft tulle, folded it in half, gathered at the folded end with my sewing machine, then I sewed it onto the underskirt in two layers (the bottom layer is about 1″ below the top layer of tulle).  This was actually quite easy to do.

Frozen Party Dress

I gathered both the top skirt and underskirt together, then assembled the bodice and skirt like any lined dress.

I really enjoyed making this “dress” because it I could personalize it any way I wanted.  With these fancy type princess dresses, the sky is the limit really.  The other one is quite a bit fancier and poofier, and I can’t wait to share the details on that one!

Frozen Party Dress

The question is though, how often do they wear these dresses?  I try to get my girls to wear them so they get used and don’t just sit in the closet, but I know lots of mamas don’t want their girls to “ruin” their fancy dresses.  What do you think?  Surprisingly enough, I found the more expensive tulle actually holds up better to wear and play than the cheaper stuff, plus I can toss it in the wash and be done!


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