Toaster Sweater and Slouchy T-Neck Hack

I'm always taken by surprise when the weather gets super cold in the mornings.  I just shiver.  I tend to prefer warmer, even hot weather, but cold weather just makes me want to bundle up with multiple layers of thick clothing.  I know, sounds really uncomfortable right?!  It totally is! Well, Sew House Seven's Toaster …


Kid-Approved Mini Capsule Wardrobe

Cali & Co

Can you believe these four cute looks are really only three garments? This mini “buh-bye-summer-hello-fall” capsule wardrobe is made with versatile fabrics and fun reversible patterns. The tee is one I made earlier, so by sewing only two more items – the Reversible Hoodie Vest Pattern and the So Flippin’ Cute Skirt from Tie Dye Diva Patterns, I got multiple kid-approved looks while only sewing two things. Mom for the win!

The truly fun part, as always, was selecting my fabrics. You’re here on the Cali&Co blog, you don’t need me to tell you that! I do love shopping Cali Fabrics because with the wide variety of apparel fabric, excellent search function and detailed menus, I can always find just what I am looking for. Plus usually a bunch of other things I didn’t set out to buy but realized I can’t live without. The listings include details that…

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