One and Done – A new pattern

I can't believe how long it's been since I logged on to blog. I mean I've done a little blogging for others, but time was tight so nothing made it here. I do miss keeping track of my projects but to be honest, it takes time, and I've been making sure I spend most of …

The New York Minute Pattern for Ladies

It's finally happened, I'm writing a blog post!  Just kidding, Tie Dye Diva is finally releasing the ladies' version of the New York Minute pattern.  I think the most common question I heard when sharing her girls' version was "Is there a ladies' version?", and now I can say "YES there is!". I think my …

This is Not Your Typical Kids’ Fabric

I’m blogging over at Cali today with this really cute, big girl butterfly rayon gauze!  This fabric is so perfect and airy for the warmer weather, and I love that it’s also in a sweet print my girl loves!

Cali & Co


Typically when I think of fabric for children’s clothing I tend to gravitate towards the ones that are low maintenance yet can stand up to some pretty tough play.  Or maybe I’ll select fancy fabric for those special occasion outfits that are only worn a handful of times because I don’t want them to get ruined.  Well, I think I may have found a fabric that falls smack dab in the middle:  rayon gauze.  I mean it comes wrinkled on purpose!

My daughter has long ditched her dresses in favor of leggings and t-shirts, so when she recently asked me to sew her the Tip Top Dress from Petit a Petit Patterns, I was all over that with a swiftness.  I browsed Cali Fabrics not only looking for kid friendly prints, but also non-traditional fabric substrates that are low maintenance yet make a big statement.  If she wants a dress…

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