One and Done – A new pattern

Back Ties

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I logged on to blog. I mean I’ve done a little blogging for others, but time was tight so nothing made it here. I do miss keeping track of my projects but to be honest, it takes time, and I’ve been making sure I spend most of my free time with my family. With that being said, I just couldn’t let Tie Dye Diva patterns* put out this new pattern and not test it myself. I mean I can make my girls and myself matchy matchy outfits (the Burnside Bibs for myself of course)!

Front 2

I’m talking about the new unisex One and Done* shorts and capri romper from Tie Dye Diva. It’s available in sizes 12 months – 10 years and includes options such as shorts or capri length, hemmed or elastic gathered finishes, back/front/or tie straps, and can be made in woven or knit fabric. I selected the capri/elastic/double straps options and used some lovely Cotton and Steel quilting cotton from my stash in my girl’s favorite color.


Did I forget pockets?! It has pockets! There’s a bib pocket and hip or back pockets, or you can omit them if that’s your jam. My girls love pockets for their little treasures, or as my husband likes to say, “Trash they can hoard”. I love pockets because they’re so cute 😉

Full Back

I really love the double ties as they’re so feminine and pretty. My girl can slip them off fairly easily when I tie them cross back (like an X) as opposed to this fun way in these pics, but I just love how these look. The simple front closure shoulder strap would be easiest for little ones to manipulate on their own if necessary. The name of the pattern One and Done is because you only need to sew the one garment and you’re done, but if you’d like to layer over a top, there are instructions in the pattern for modifying size (don’t worry, super easy).


My girl said it’s her most favorite thing I’ve ever made her, and I know she’s telling the truth because she’s VERY opinionated and says exactly what she thinks, much to my chagrin sometimes. I’m glad because it’s cute and I know I’ll be making many more.

Doll Capri Side

But first was the One and Done* doll version…my oldest still loves dolls, so her AG doll needed a One and Done dolly romper as well. Doll patterns are an EXCELLENT way to use up smaller scraps, and they sew up pretty quickly as well.

Doll Capri Back

Apparently I didn’t know how much I really like to play with dolls, because I also had to sew up a doll dress as soon as I finished with this romper just so I could play with her some more. The pattern is Simplicity 1484 and comes with a variety of options.

Doll dress

My daughter loves the clothes but has now become possessive of her doll! Is it crazy to pick out my own doll? Hmmmm, something to think about…

One and Done* for kids is just $5 right now for release, and the One and Done for dolls* is $3.50 like all of her doll patterns. It’s such a great deal. I’m already making a shorts version for my older girl and hopefully I’ll get pics and share that very soon.

*What are affiliate links?  When you click on my affiliate links, you pay the same amount for what you buy, but the designer compensates me with a percentage of your purchase with no extra cost to you.  It’s like a sewing commission that lets me sew EVEN MORE STUFF!

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