Posey and Peony – A pattern update

Posey and Peony Update

Well, I couldn’t ignore this pattern update because look at this great hemline!  I tested the original Posey and Peony patterns for Sew Like My Mom awhile back, and since she’s expanding many of her patterns to include tween sizing, she decided to add these patterns to that list and opened up another round of testing.  Plus, she’s added options to both patterns!

I had made several of both patterns for my girl last year, and these were both in heavy rotation because they’re so easy to wash and throw on.  So what’s new with these updated patterns?  

First, the Posey now includes an expanded size range like I mentioned to include tween sizes, has a variety of new hemlines, and is available as a tunic and a dress.  Patterns are available in 12 months – 8 years, 6 – 16 years, or 12 months to 16 years.

Posey and Peony Update

Second, the Peony Leggings now include expanded sizes, a yoga waistband, and a plain leggings option in addition to the contrast side band and ruched side band.  Patterns are available in sizes 12 months – 8 years, 6 – 16 years, and 12 months – 16 years.

Posey and Peony Update

I decided to make the hanky hemline tunic (options cf) and the plain leggings.  I made a size 4 tunic with size 5 length, and size 6 leggings with a size 4 waistband.  The tunic is made with an incredibly soft French Terry that is lightweight and has beautiful drape, from Cali Fabrics.  I simply used the wrong side of the fabric for the neckband and cuffs, and I love the effect.

Posey and Peony Update

The pants are a double brushed poly with adorable pandas, also from Cali Fabrics.  The pants are a bit see through if she’s wearing dark underpants, but since the tunic is plenty long to cover her, I wasn’t too worried about it.

Posey and Peony Update

I love, love, love the way this tunic turned out!

Posey and Peony Update

Both the tunic and pants sew up so fast, I was able to finish them in a short amount of time.

Posey and Peony Update

If you passed on these patterns the first time around, then you’ll definitely want to grab them this time!  I can’t tell you how beautiful this flowy hemline looks while being worn.  We were at the mall this weekend returning some ill fitting pants, and she had so many compliments on her top.  She was so proud of it and told everyone that her mama made it (such a proud mama moment!).

Posey and Peony Update

I can’t wait to pick up more fabric for some spring and summer tunics and capris.  The capris with the ruched side piece is so adorable, so those are coming asap.  It’s been getting up into the 70’s here recently, so plenty warm for capris.

If you had previously purchased either of these patterns, I believe she sent you the updated versions.  If you haven’t purchased them yet, what are you waiting for?!  Seriously, stop by Sew Like My Mom’s Etsy shop and grab them while they’re on sale for $6 (until Monday).  You will be happy you did because you’ll have pretty much an entire wardrobe worth of options.  You can find Posey and Peony individually using the links above, or you can get the Posey and Peony sale bundles for $10 in sizes 12 months – 8 years and sizes 6 – 16 years.

Happy sewing!


2 Replies to “Posey and Peony – A pattern update”

  1. Thank you for sharing these awesome patterns! The tunic is adorable! I love that you used the back of the fabric for the cuffs and neckband. Sometimes I forget something so simple like that can bring a dramatic effect on a project! Gorgeous!!! The leggings are stellar too! I will have to pick these up and add to my “granddaughter” collection! 🙂 You should be a proud mom, your work is awesome!!!


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