The Drop Stitch Cowl – A quick knitted gift

Drop Stitch Cowls

Like most makers, my holidays are pretty crammed with making handmade gifts.  Some people like them, some don’t, so the ones that don’t get crappy store bought stuff!  Just kidding.  I’ve also learned a trick or two about making handmade gifts because they do take time and planning.  First of all, I only make the special people in my life, pretty much just family, the time consuming projects, and I begin those early.  Second, for the rest (mostly because I strongly dislike shopping, even online), I make quick handmade gifts, like the ones I’m sharing today!

Drop Stitch Cowls

These cowls are simply perfect as last minute or quick teacher gifts, but they’re not boring and have a distinctive look.  I used the Drop Stitch Cowl knitting pattern which is free on Ravelry, and if you know the knit, purl, and yarn over stitches then you’ll be knitting these up in no time.  I actually made a last minute one for my girl’s dance teacher yesterday, cramming it in whenever I was sitting or waiting to pick them up from school, but of course I forgot to grab a pic first.  I had combined two black yarns, one with some sparkle in it, to make it very fun for a young dance teacher, and I love the way it turned out!

Anyway, I purposely chose simple to care for yarns for these cowls, also because these yarns can be tossed in the washer and dryer.  This actually makes them faster to knit up too because you don’t have to block them afterwards, and who doesn’t like to skip that step?!  I used Lion Brand Heartland Thick & Quick yarn which is 100% acrylic in Black Canyon (black one) and Olympic (blue) colors.  One skein makes 3 repeats in the pattern.

Drop Stitch Cowls

The below cowl is made in Lion Brand Hometown USA which is also 100% acrylic and super bulky.  The color is Green Bay, my girl’s teacher’s favorite color.  One skein only makes 2 repeats in the pattern.

Drop Stitch Cowls

The top I’m wearing in these pics is Hey June’s Camden Raglan.  It’s sewn up in polar fleece with ponte cuffs and neckband.  All fabric from Joann’s.  I actually wear it as pjs, and I was obviously still wearing pjs when I wrote this, so there you go 🙂

Do you make handmade gifts?  Do you like receiving handmade gifts?  I know lots of makers are steering away from it because the time and effort doesn’t seem worth it.  People in my life have always loved receiving them, or at least I think they have, so I’ll keep on doing it!


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