Girls’ Waterfall Raglan

WR front

I really didn’t think I needed another raglan pattern for my girls, but this one is just different, right?!  I really like knit top patterns that are unique and don’t have that “homemade” look since my girl is getting pickier about what she wears. She’s not embarrassed to wear handmade clothing, she is just becoming more particular.

Anyway, the Waterfall Raglan from Chalk and Notch is a relaxed fit knit top/dress pattern with a cute ruffle at the bottom, and it includes sizes 12 months through 12 years.  I was really excited to finally get to sew this up because I’ve had it since it was released, drooling over everyone’s versions and thinking about which fabric I was going to use for my first one.

I decided to sew up a size 5 with a 6 length for my big girl, and I selected a Girl Charlee Bolt polka dot print in my girl’s favorite color.  This fabric really is too thin for a bigger girl’s leggings, so it was perfect for this top.

Girls' Waterfall Raglan

I also added the cute little pocket in some fun scrap fabric (it looks like it’s at an angle, but I promise you it’s not :).  My girl noticed the rose design in it immediately which made me smile!  She has an eye for patterns and design that I love.  She’s not afraid to combine prints and colors in a fun way.


I find it very easy to add things like pockets to knits by placing tissue paper underneath it (also an excellent way of reusing all that tissue paper from our holiday gifts!).  Typically I would place the tissue paper underneath everything so it’s against the feed dogs of my sewing machine, but this time I placed it between the pocket and shirt fabric because I totally didn’t think about it, but it still worked out.  The tissue paper really helps to stabilize the knit and keeps the fabric from stretching out and distorting while I sew the pocket on.  I also use a longer stitch length, 3 on my machine.

I especially love the side view, with just a bit of flattering high-low going on in the hemline.  I also really like the longer hemline for the sleeve which looks more ready to wear.

Girls' Waterfall Raglan

It also twirls some which is so important, right?  It definitely makes anything that much better in her eyes.

Girls' Waterfall Raglan

And look, she has no front teeth!  Guess what she’s asking Santa for (literally she said she was talking to Santa when I took this)?  Nope, not her two front teeth, haha!

Girls' Waterfall Raglan

Regarding construction, all of the seams were serged, the pocket was sewn on my sewing machine, the gathering was done on my sewing machine too since my “back up” serger doesn’t give me consistent gathering, and the hems were done on my coverstitch.  I did fuse stitch witchery to the bottom hem to give it that crisp finish.  I found the pattern’s instructions clear, although I simply glanced at them for seam allowance and to see if there was anything different I needed to know, mainly because it’s pretty clear construction.

The pants are also handmade using a soon to be released free leggings pattern.  I think there will be some tweaks to it, but these go together FAST!  More about those later…

How about that holiday gift making?  Getting it done?  I’m totally procrastinating and making myself and my girls all the things and nothing for anyone else!!!  I’m awful!  Well no, I’m lying, I did knit a few things, and they were also very quick which was great for sitting in front of the tv with my girls watching holiday cartoons.  I’ll share those very soon in case you’re looking for some quick but not boring knitted gifts.

Happy weekend sewing!

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