A Couple of Princess Halloween Costumes

Elena and Isabel

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  As a child I enjoyed dressing up and getting LOTS of candy, and as a mom I enjoy making my girls costumes.  It’s the holiday that just keeps on giving!

This year my girls insisted on being princesses, and since they’ve been watching the Disney cartoon Elena of Avalor lately, they wanted to be the sister princesses Elena and Isabel.  This actually worked out perfectly because Tie Dye Diva has a tutorial to make the Elena inspired dress, so I figured I would put together an Isabel inspired dress tutorial using a couple of their patterns.

Isabel dress

It was a lot of fun putting together the tutorial, and even more fun watching my girls try on their costumes.  Can you tell my biggest one is crazy happy to be wearing this fancy maxi princess dress?

elena and isabel 3

My little one likes being Isabel, but I think she’d be happy pretty much wearing any costume that looks even a little bit fancy and twirly.  She’s definitely entered the “fancy dress please mom” phase.  She wants to wear nothing but skirts and dresses, the fancier the better, lol!

Elena and Isabel 2

My big girl on the other hand is steering more towards comfort and artistic expression, so she’s been tougher to make clothes for lately that please her in the morning.  Picking out clothes in the evening is easy.   Me:  Do you want to wear the ______ I made for you tomorrow?  Picky Girl:  Oh yes!  I love that one!  The next morning:  Me:  Stand up please so I can put this on you.  Picky Girl:  Noooooo!  Not that one!!!!!  Followed by some reason she doesn’t like it now.

Anyway, I’ve really missed chronicling and sharing my makes here.  I’ve been doing lots of work on fitting and pattern drafting for myself, but I haven’t had the time to write about it.  I would like to though, because one of my favorite things as a blog reader is to see how various sewists have approached fit issues and pattern alterations.  In the not too distant future I will be back more often 😉

Sew something fun this weekend and enjoy your pre-Halloween fun!!

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