My Counting Sheep Pajama Set

pj set

Here’s a fun weekend sewing project for you if you’re looking for one.  Warm weather pjs!  I’ve been wanting to make myself some cute summer pajamas for years.  I always wear worn-out and stained “can’t be worn in public anymore” t-shirts and old maternity shorts to bed (yup, lookin’ my best), and I must’ve been tired of that because I threw all of them out at the end of summer last year!

I had actually forgotten I had nothing until the recent heat wave, so I had to quickly sew some up.  I’m so crazy loving them too!  The top is the Sweet Dreams Vintage Camisole from Rabbit Rabbit Creations, and the bottoms are Coachella Shorts from Striped Swallow Designs.  I’ve had both patterns for awhile, so I’m glad to finally make them work for me.

pjs top

I’ll start with the top.  I picked this pattern up a couple of years ago, and I originally was going to pair them with the free shorties pattern from Colette, both having a vintage vibe thing going on.  The camisole is great for warm weather, and I liked the elastic in the back for maximum comfort.  I used a double gauze with cute little sheep (get it, sheep…heehee) that is so soft, and a seersucker I’ve had forever.  I didn’t have enough of the double gauze which is why I used seersucker for the back.

I made a size S with my current measurements.  I have to say that I wouldn’t recommend this pattern for a beginner, even though there’s nothing difficult about it, the instructions are definitely not the “hold your hand” kind.  I had to read them a couple of times to figure out what exactly I was supposed to be doing.  I did change the 2″ strips for the straps and such with 2″ strips cut on the bias so the straps would lay better, and they do.  I also removed several inches from the bottom hem, like 8″ I think.

pj set

I do like the view of the front, and there’s complete coverage on the sides which is nice.  The straps also stay up without any problems.  I added trim to the front to tie it in with the shorts, and the double gauze is oh-so-soft and comfortable.    There’s just way too much ease in the back, like a few inches too much.  In the end, I honestly don’t know that I would make this camisole again.

pj set

The Coachella Shorts are perfect though, and I’m totally making more of these!  I made some last year actually, but it was the XS slim fit high-rise version, and I HATED them.  This pair here is a size XS slim fit, mid-rise with 2″ inseam.  I absolutely love these and they fit perfectly, especially since I tested the elastic first and added 1.5″ for comfort.  The seersucker is lightweight and perfect for warm weather pjs.

Have you made something that was so simple but made you so happy?  I can’t believe I put this off for so long.  Anyway, I’m getting ready for a camping/hiking trip, so I’m planning on making more Coachella shorts with the 4″ inseam to hike in.  This summer has actually been kind of tough finding bottoms that still fit, so I’m having to make lots of new ones fast.  Seems I’ve added some junk in my trunk 😉

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