The Plum Dolman for Ladies

Plum Dolman

This is how it happens…Sew Like My Mom releases a pattern for kids, and all of the moms doing the sewing beg her to make one in ladies’ sizes.  She always obliges!  The Plum Dolman is releasing today, and it’s the ladies version of the Apricot Dolman.

The Plum Dolman is available in a range of sizes from XXS to 3XL.  It also has 3 hem styles, short sleeves or short sleeves with insets, and the option to add long sleeves.

My measurements put me into the XS size range, so that’s what I tested first.  I went with style B since I really like the draping aspect of this version, and the sleeves with the contrasting inset.

plum muslin

I chose a fabric that is a rayon sweater jersey knit with 70% stretch, and a cotton spandex knit for the insets.  It turned out very large when I tried it on, so  I ended up just sticking a neckband on it and hemming with a faux hemband and calling it a day.

Plum Dolman

I sized down to XXS for my next version.  I had this lovely striped gray fabric with fun wavy texture, and more of this coral zebra lace in my stash, so I went with it .  The neckline is finished with a neck binding like the Apricot, giving it a bit more of a finish.  I just used my sewing machine with a stretch needle to stitch it down as my coverstitch was frustrating me, yet again.

Plum Dolman

This is the very first time I have tried on a knit dolman and liked it; usually I hate them (batwings).  I haven’t made a Plum without the inserts yet, but I plan to.  I really like the comfort and ease of this top, and version B can even look a bit more put together and less comfy tee.

Plum Dolman

If you were thinking about getting the Apricot Dolman but didn’t, you can get both patterns in a bundle.  The smaller Apricot and Plum bundle and the larger tween Apricot and Plum bundle are both on sale.  The Plum Dolman is also on sale.

So in other news…what do you think of the new blog look?  I was getting really tired of the old one, so voila!  I still have to go back and update some things that didn’t move over well, but I’m pretty happy with it so far.  It’s also inspired me to sew more things for myself finally, and I can’t wait to share them.

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