Love a Simple Pattern Mash-Up

Today I’m over at Tie Dye Diva with a super easy pattern mash-up tutorial!  What’s even better is the patterns that I’m using are both on sale* until March 3rd, so if you’ve been on the fence about these, now’s the time (I’m a total enabler!).

Opal and Garnet Mash Up

The Opal Knit Flutter Tunic and Dress* had been on my radar for awhile when I bought it last year during one of her sales (I have such a weakness for pattern sales!).  I really love the ruffle detail in the front, plus I have been planning this lace overlay for awhile.

Opal and Garnet Mash Up

My girl wore this dress to a birthday party last weekend where the kids ran around like animals and the wind was blowing, and her dress just flowed around her and stayed modest the whole time.  Yay for not showing our knickers!

Opal and Garnet Mash Up

The gray sparkly fabric is a rayon jersey blend, but for the life of me I can’t remember where I found it.  The lace overlay is tiger stripes in coral, and I want to say I picked it up at awhile ago.  It was really easy to do the overlay, I just cut the same pieces in the bodice for the gray fabric as the lace fabric and basted around them (or use wonder tape).  After that treat them as one piece.

Opal and Garnet Mash Up

The sleeves are from the Garnet Dress/Skirt/Top pattern*, and I’m glad the mash-up was a success!

Opal and Garnet Mash Up

That look!  She slays me!

Opal and Garnet Mash Up

Run!  The chickens are coming!  Go ahead and hop on over to Tie Dye Diva’s blog if you want to see more mash-up pics (not just of my little one 😉 ) and the mini tutorial!

*What are affiliate links?  When you click on my affiliate links, you pay the same amount for what you buy, but the designer compensates me with a percentage of your purchase with no extra cost to you.  It’s like a sewing commission that lets me sew EVEN MORE STUFF!

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