Wardrobe Planning and Me!

We haven’t been getting snow, but it has been raining A LOT for where we live.  We back up to a creek that sounds more like a river, and every time the sun comes out, the girls and I run outside to play before the next rains come!  Since we’re stuck inside so much we’re getting a lot of little home renovation projects done, like finishing up the girls’ shared room.  Well, that’s mostly what’s been keeping me busy, but I should get on with my sewing right?

I should also tell you that I have decided that this year is about me!  Haha!  Sounds so selfish doesn’t it?  I’m actually going to have a little more time to myself since my littlest one will be starting preschool (I just keep holding onto her since she’s my last little one!), so why not focus on filling the gaps in my wardrobe and turning those wearable muslins into final garments I’m happy with?

I have big plans and will be taking on some patterns I’ve been sitting on because of fit issues (hello pants and swimsuits).  I’m really excited to dig into my vintage patterns too, finally!  The whole process of selecting which patterns I want to use first is so hard for me though (as any good vintage pattern hoarder I have sooooo many to choose from!), but I have decided to begin with vintage patterns I won’t have to do any size grading for.

I’m going to be very realistic, so my goal is to make one garment each month for myself.  I’m sure simple items will get made too, but here are my selections through April:

Charleston Dress

January – Charleston Dress by Hey June.  There was actually a sew along for it in Piccadilly’s Sewing Lounge Facebook group that I participated in which kept me on task.  I’ll post more in a separate post, but I really like it!

February – I have to make more warm sweater type tops, so I’m going to make Toaster Sweater #1 by Sew House 7.  Hopefully I have enough of this cranberry vintage sweatshirt fleece from Imagine Gnats to make it.

March – I’m finally tackling pants for myself!  I’m starting with Named Patterns’ Jamie Jeans.  I’ve had my eye on this pattern for ages and can’t wait to get started.  I have loads of fabric saved up for these jeans, including a floral denim 😉

McCall's 7375

April – A vintage dress pattern! Woohoo!  I’m going to work on the sleeveless version above, and I’m so so so looking forward to it.  I just adore that neckline!  I have a hard time fitting a lot of the vintage patterns even if I’m spot on for size, but I learn so much with each fitting.

Pink Pin

In other news, I’ve joined the Tie Dye Diva team and will be doing some blogging over there each month.  I’ll also be blogging sometimes for Fabric.com’s blog and Cali & Co’s blog (you know that Fabric Outlet shop I’m always visiting, it’s their online presence), so it’s all very exciting and has been keeping me quite busy too.

Also, don’t forget Kids Clothes Week in February.  Their theme is Capsule Wardrobe and runs February 20-26th, but I haven’t seen any updates on their blog yet, mostly on Instagram.  I haven’t participated much recently, but I couldn’t pass up putting together a mini capsule wardrobe for my girls.

My goodness that seems like A LOT to tackle already.  Think I’ll have some tea and get sewing, or you know, pour over lovely vintage sewing inspiration and totally forget about what I should be doing!  Haha, are you doing that too?

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