Comfy Cowl Hoodies for the Season

As the weather gets colder, it’s nice to have warm and snuggly clothes to wear.  I also really love a good cowl pattern more than I thought I did.  Now as I think about it, I’ve made four cowl pieces I haven’t shared yet!  I’m warning you though, this post contains ridiculously horrible pics (and lots of selfies), but I really wanted to share these since they’re my favorite new tops and time is getting away from me!

The Comfy Cowl Hoodie by Mummykins and Me didn’t grab my attention when it was first released.  I really didn’t understand the draw to a cowl hoodie and honestly thought it looked awkward.  Well, that was before I saw a version in sweater fleece on Instagram and immediately fell in LOVE!

I tend to avoid fleece because it’s a messy fabric to sew with and not great for the environment.  Unfortunately for my machine and poor mother earth, the draw was very strong, plus I figure I’ll make sure I wash it in a full laundry load so less particles will be released into the water!

Comfy Cowl Hoodie

On to the pattern…I cut out size XXS and made no fitting changes to the pattern.  The first fabric I cut was a lightweight french terry from Girl Charlee which I don’t see available on their site anymore.  There is minimal stretch, maybe 25%, and it’s fairly lightweight.  The cowl/hood is lined with a cotton jersey rayon blend knit which is another Girl Charlee fabric called Hot Pink White Dot.

Comfy Cowl Hoodie

After attaching the waistband and stretching it to within an inch of its life to make it work, I realized the lack of stretch would be an issue for the sleeves.  I had enough fabric to cut the wrist bands wider thankfully, but not enough to redo the waistband.  I can get it on fine, but it’s definitely not riding up at all when I lift my arms!

I decided to add topstitching around the edge of the hood to keep it clean looking, especially since these knits are both pretty thin.  I found some coordinating cording at my local fabric shop.  It has some stretch of it’s own, and when I cut the ends it basically wanted to completely unravel, but I had already tied knots at the ends to my relief.  Whew!

Comfy Cowl Hoodie

Here’s what it looks like with the hood up.  I rarely have my hood pulled up unless it’s really windy and cold, so I can avoid this awkward look.  And sorry, I haven’t been sleeping well so you get the crazy eyes too!

The second version I cut out of some thick sweatshirt fleece from Imagine Gnats.  I love the fabric she carries!  This one is light pink with confetti dots, and it’s so thick and warm.  I used blue baby ribbing for the cuffs and waistband, and a matching polka dot cotton jersey rayon blend for the cowl/hood lining, both from Girl Charlee.

Comfy Cowl Hoodie

After trying this on quickly without any bands, I was concerned about the fit.  There was a lot of bunching at the front armscye, and I thought maybe I should’ve done some adjusting for fabric, but this seemed to disappear once I attached the bands and wore it.  It wears more like a sweatshirt because of the fleece and doesn’t drape like the french terry version.

Comfy Cowl Hoodie

Also, I could only find this red cording at first, but I have since switched it to blue cording that matches the blue ribbing.

I absolutely love this pattern, and I’ve been wearing both tops quite often.  I really love that each one looks different because of the different fabric weights and drape.  I know I’ll be making some for my girls too, since of course I had to buy the bundle!

Are there any patterns that won you over eventually?  Sometimes it just takes the right inspiration or fabric, right?

**Enabler edit:  Also, I just found out this pattern and all of Mummykins and Me patterns are 30% off for the next few days (through Dec. 4th midnight GMT).


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