An Applique Knit Dress

I’m trying to work through not only my fabric stash but also my scrap stash.  I’m not a huge quilter, so finding different ways to use small bits of woven scraps makes me happy, especially if they’re as cute as these little kitty faces!

Applique Hearts Skola Dress

I also really like personalizing a rather simple knit dress.  I used the Skola Dress by Elegance & Elephants in view A without a collar, and although the interlock knit fabric I used has a fun design, it’s rather dull.  I wanted to spice it up with something quick and fun.

Applique is such a great way to use up scraps, and really you can create almost any picture you want (well, you don’t want to use a design that has too small of pieces, or too many little details).  Sew Like My Mom has some of the best applique tutorials.  I also really love her pillowcase appliqué letter tutorial, for those of us that don’t have cricut or embroidery machines!

Applique Hearts Skola Dress

I wanted to keep mine pretty simple.  I printed out a variety of heart sizes because I cannot draw one to save my life.  I used the same technique as this cat top, but I used a triple stitch instead of a regular stitch when sewing it on.  The scrap fabric I used is from the Catnap collection by Lizzie House.  I’m not a cat person, but those sweet little cat faces!  Too cute to toss!  Also I should note just in case, I stitched them on before assembling the dress and used a ballpoint needle and walking foot.

Applique Hearts Skola Dress

She’s pretty happy with it and likes to flash those hearts around town.  I’m happy because it was quick and used up some of my stash.

Have you tried appliqué?  Did you add it to clothing?  I was at the mall last weekend for the first time in ages, and I’m noticing appliqué animals on EVERYTHING!  It’s pretty freaking adorable too.  Is there such a thing as overdoing the appliqué critters on girls’ clothing?  I don’t know, but I’m currently adding them to like everything!  I trust someone will let me know if I overdo it 🙂



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