An Outfit for Fall…With a Side of Ghosts!

I often go on about patterns that I love, ones that I swear I’ll make again, and then nothin’.  Actually, I sew so much it’s kinda ridiculous, and there’s no way I could actually take pics and share them all.  Especially now because my girls are refusing to model for them.  As you can see, I had to trick my girl this time by making a ghosty craft to distract her from my camera!

Posey Tunic and Peony Leggings

I pulled out the Posey Tunic and Peony Leggings patterns from Sew Like My Mom.  I’m making a few outfits for her with these patterns, and since she actually wore this outfit today, I thought I’d try to snap some pics and share.

Both fabrics are from Girl Charlee.  I really love the stripes and plan on making myself a top with it too.  It has a nice stretch and recovery, and it’s not so thin that it’s see through.

Posey Tunic and Peony Leggings

This is the first time I made the Peony leggings in the pants version.  I made them in a size 5.  I followed her instructions exactly and they came out perfectly!  I really love the contrast strip the way it is and decided not to topstitch it.  I used a rolled hem at the bottom with my serger since she’s going to be wearing these with boots mostly, and I wanted to avoid the extra bulk.

Posey Tunic and Peony Leggings

The Posey Tunic is a size 4, and I used the elbow length sleeves option.  She has a few of these already in different sleeve options, and she wears them all the time.  This is definitely one of those basic patterns that is easy to sew, and I know she loves wearing them so it was a no brainer to make more.

Posey Tunic and Peony Leggings

I finished the hem of the tunic using 1/2″ stay tape and my coverstitch.  With a hem like this that doesn’t need to stretch, stay tape is a great option because it eliminates tunneling and makes a crisp edge.

If you’re interested, the ghosts were made using coffee filters, stuffed with a golf ball sized scrap fabric, then tied at the neck with scrap yarn.  We just glued googl-y eyes to them and drew a mouth on some.  I’m going to use fishing line to hang them from the ceiling when the eyes dry.  I enjoy making fun crafts that engage both of my girls and allows them room to be creative.  These are some of my favorite moments 🙂

Are you getting ready for Halloween?  Anyone making special outfits or costumes?  I have some fun ones planned and can’t wait to share!


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