The Hazel – A Last Minute Summer Top

Back when I made the Belted Shorts (sans belt), I noticed the Hazel Top pattern by Jilly Atlanta.  I decided to put it off until next year and focus on fall and winter sewing, but of course she had to do that thing again where she offered it free if you shared it within a week of purchasing.  How could I pass that up?

Hazel Top

I had this perfect yellow and white polka dotted cotton lawn in my stash, so I had to do it.  My girl LOVES yellow, so she was so happy to see me finally make something with it.  The fabric is somewhat sheer too, so the design of this top is perfect for it!

Hazel Top

The instructions are very detailed with lots of hand holding,  pictures, and links to videos.  I actually looked over the instructions, then I did it my way.  There is some hand sewing in the instructions, and I just don’t have enough time and patience sometimes for hand sewing.  This was one of those times, as I had just finished hand hemming a vegan leather circle skirt (more on that later…).

I used the burrito method to sew the arm seams.  Here’s a video tutorial of the burrito method by Lil Luxe if you haven’t used this technique before.  I had to play a little with the armpit area to make sure the side seams were facing inside, but it was easy enough.  I don’t know if the burrito method would work with the smaller sizes.  I made a size 5, and the shoulder seam is quite narrow.  I pulled the fabric through with some anxiety over popped stitches, but it all worked out.

Hazel Top

I had to sleep on how I was going to finish the side seams as both seams are facing out (the liner and the outer fabrics).  Basically I had to seam rip the ends of each arm seam by the seam allowance (you can skip this seam ripping part if you just sew the arm seams starting 1/2″ in at the beginning and stopping 1/2″ before the end).  I then sewed up the side seams, first the outer fabric side seams (making sure not to sew the lining by accident), then the liner side seams.  Then I reached in between the two layers, pulled out the arm hole seam allowance, and sewed up the opening I made at the bottom of the arm hole.  By doing it this way there was absolutely no hand sewing, making this a very quick sew.

Hazel Top

I love the way this top turned out!  It has a sophisticated yet playful look to it.  She loves it, and twirling in it made her smile which makes me smile too.  She even played horsey with her sister on her back and nothing tore!

Hazel Top

I also found out there is a Lady Hazel!  It’s by George and Ginger and was a collaboration between the two designers.  I probably won’t make it before the end of the warm season here, but I’m definitely keeping my eye out for George and Ginger sales y’all!

Now back to my fall sewing…Who’s assembly line sewing for fall and winter?  Have you sewn slippers before?  Any recommended patterns?  I’ve got my eyes on these bootie patterns from Beautiful Pie Shop.  Ever made them?


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