My Comfy Redwood Joggers

Remember how I was going to make myself some Boxwood Joggers, or at least try to squeeze myself into some?  No need to now since Sew Like My Mom has released a pattern for women!  The Redwood Joggers are here!

I ordered some french terry knit fabric from Imagine Gnats, and it’s so soft I was tempted to make some kind of blanket out of it!  It’s seriously soft and fuzzy, almost sweater-like on the front, and it has 30% stretch, a good stretch for the joggers.  Unfortunately I don’t see it in her shop anymore which bums me out because I was going to make matching pairs for my girls…

Redwood Joggers Collage

Anyway, I started with the pants version in an XS.  Usually when testing a pattern I’ll have to make more than one version.  The pants version was an earlier version and was a bit snug with a higher waist, but I do still like them and will definitely wear them (except for the unfortunate way the zebra print is pointing at my crotch).  I only took quick fitting pics, so that’s what you see here, quick selfies with a cluttered background (designers don’t like cluttered backgrounds because it’s more difficult to see the clothing article, but hey, you gotta go where the light is sometimes!).

Redwood Joggers

After some changes were made to the pattern, I had just enough zebra fabric leftover to make a pair of shorts.  I really had to try hard to make it work too!  I paired it with a purple interlock fabric for the waistband and pockets.

Redwood Joggers

I absolutely love the fit of this final version!  Very comfy!  The points were much easier for me this time too, no issues!

Redwood Joggers

I tend to get extra fabric just at the top of my derriere, so for my next versions Melissa of Sew Like My Mom suggested I lower the back rise an inch and blend the line to the middle.  I have more french terry on order so I can’t wait to try this and make more joggers!  I can totally see myself lounging on the sofa this winter with a book and some tea, and my super comfy Redwood Joggers!

The Redwood Joggers are on sale right now, no code needed.  They come in 8 sizes, XS to 3XL.  As a note from the other testers’ comments, the fabric you choose will also make a difference in how fitted your pants will be.  Some that made their exact size or sized down achieved a more fitted (think leggings) look, and those that went a size up had a baggier fit, like you’d expect from joggers or sweats.  Also, when sizing your elastic, as with any leggings, make sure to stretch out your elastic and test around you before cutting.

So what do you think?  Do you like the pointy pockets on the ladies joggers as much as the kids joggers?  I wonder if matching versions would be going too far…aww who cares really?!  I’m going to do it anyway!  My girls are going to hate me when they get older, looking back at all the matchy photos!!!


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