Skola Dresses

Since we’ve been preparing our big girl for kindergarten, I’ve been feeling a little like my girls are growing up much quicker than I like.  I’ve been spending lots of time just hanging out and playing with them, hence the crickets, but of course I’ve been sewing the whole time!  You know it, it’s like an addiction and nothing can stop me, much to my family’s chagrin 😉

On that note, I saw that Elegance & Elephants was testing her new back to school pattern, the Skola Dress and Top.  I love nothing more than a sweet collar, combine that with knit fabrics and I had to test it!

I absolutely love the options that come with this pattern too.  There’s 3 dress options, a top, 3 sleeve options, 2 collars, and a combination that’s seriously endless in sizes 6 months to 8 years.  I mean to try just about all of the options eventually!

Skola Dresses

I tested a size 12 months for my little one, and I was quickly able to sew up 3 versions.  My first dress was Version A in a Shopkins fabric with the rounded collar.  Don’t let the collars scare you, she uses a facing to enclose them, so it’s really easy to put together.

Skola Dresses

One thing to make sure of when sewing this is to use a knit interfacing for your collar.  I used Pellon Ek-130, and don’t be afraid to stretch the collar a little to fit (it seems weird because of the interfacing, but the interfacing does stretch).

Skola Dresses

The Shopkins version seemed a little short, so I added 2″ to my next version.  I added this at the narrowest part of the pattern.  I used some muslin knit fabric to test out the length, and I decided to omit the collar in this version to make it quicker.  I really love the shape of this dress version!

Skola Dresses

This one seriously only took about 30 minutes, including cutting fabric, and of course getting interrupted every 5 seconds.

Skola Dresses

This one is her favorite actually!  She loves how fun the fabric is, plus it’s soft.  One thing I noticed though is because it’s white, I can see the facing through the dress.  I do really love this extra length though, so I made my next dress.

Skola Dresses

I decided to try out the pointed collar on Version A with the extra 2″ in length.  After making a couple of them, this one went together very quickly.  I want to mention that since my girl has a rather large head, I had to tug the collared versions pretty good to get them over it.  She wasn’t a fan, but she got over it quickly.

Skola Dresses

This is a great pattern to use up scraps.  All of my collars were made from scrap fabric, and each dress was made from leftover fabric.  I’m sure my big girl will need more fabric for hers though. At this point she’s wondering why she doesn’t have any!

I’m very excited to make the drop-waisted A line skirt version for her with 3/4 length sleeves.  That’s what she really wants for her first day of school.  I’m going to make her lots of them though since this is one quick sew!

Go ahead and grab your own copy of the Skola Dress and Top, and you can see the other testers’ pics too for more inspiration.  Also, if you join E & E Patterns Facebook Group, there’s a 20% off coupon code that expires August 10th!



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