Hummingbird Romper

I’m in the process of clearing off my sewing table…it’s covered in patterns and fabric that have been cut out, but not sewn together.  The Hummingbird Romper by Rabbit Rabbit Creation is one such pattern, but not anymore!

Hummingbird Romper

I’m so glad I finished this one too, because it’s sooooo cute!  I made a size 2 with no alterations, although I figured it would be big in the bottoms.  I used a fat quarter for the bodice and straps, and I decided not to embellish it with lace or trim.  I love the colors and the sweet bird on the front.

Hummingbird Romper

The bottom is seersucker, a fabric I love during the summer.  It’s lightweight, you can’t see through it, and no ironing!  Plus, she looks so cute with these “fluffy” bottoms, I just want to squeeze her whenever I see her running around in them!  I’m going to try a size down for the bottoms next time, but I do love how these ones look on her.

Hummingbird Romper

If you sew and are on Pinterest, then I’m sure you’ve seen the tutorial for the “better” enclosed waist seam by Glitter+Wit.  I did read over her tutorial, but this first time I went with the pattern’s instructions.  I think I’ll definitely try out the tutorial next time.  It definitely was a pain having the elastic inserted so early in construction, as you have to stretch while sewing the bodice to the bottoms.  The stretching wasn’t really the issue while sewing, but pinning the gathered bottoms while stretching the bodice wasn’t fun, especially with such a tiny seam allowance below the elastic casing.  What a pain!

Hummingbird Romper

I was concerned about the straps falling down while she wore it, but no problems there at all.  It fits her very well and stays put.  The only downside, as with any romper that doesn’t snap at the crotch, is I have to pull the whole thing down for potty time.  The pattern does provide for a snap crotch, but I really don’t like those.

Hummingbird Romper

Oh my goodness!  Those puffy bottoms!  I love them!  I’m smiling right now just looking at them 🙂  She looks like she should be in some kind of carnival!

Soooo, let’s talk about how behind I am on OAL16…Are you making any progress?  I don’t think I’m going to finish in time, but I don’t think anyone is really surprised about that!

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