Sewing Kids Summer Pajamas – Free Pattern

I really like the idea of sewing most of my girls’ clothing, including pjs.  My littlest one mostly wears her sister’s hand-me-downs, but their birthdays are in opposite seasons, so sometimes this doesn’t work out.  Right now we have a hole in her summer pjs, so it’s time for me to whip some up!

Coconut Summer Pajamas

Sew Like My Mom released a free pajama pattern for Riley Blake today, and she asked some of her pattern testers to try it out (I’ll share the pattern I was testing very soon, which is perfect, and versatile, like most of her patterns).  Her Coconut Summer Pajamas are another very quick and easy pattern that uses little fabric, and the size range is 12 months to size 8.

Coconut Summer Pajamas

I love how these pajamas are just like the ones you see in the store.  It’s the kind of basic pattern you need in your collection, and it’s FREE!  So awesome!  I will also be using the tank pattern to make some basic tanks for her too.

Coconut Summer Pajamas

Also, it’s a unisex pattern, so not just for girls.  I would go up a size though for the bottoms.  These are size 2 bottoms, but I would probably go up to a 3 next time.  She tends to fit size 2 in sewing patterns, size 3 in RTW, so the pattern seems to run closer to RTW sizes I think.

Some details on construction…I serged all of the seams, including the bindings.  I used my coverstitch for the bottom hem of the top.  I also serged all of my seams for the bottoms too, and used my coverstitch to sew down the elastic.  I eliminate bulky seams, which causes missed stitches on my coverstitch, by cutting the serged seam at the fold (careful not to cut all the way through), and folding the seams opposite of each other.  Easy peasy!  You can always shoot me any questions and I can provide more details.

Coconut Summer Pajamas

She slept in these last night and loved them!  She already has a stain on the front 🙂  Who wants these in grown up sizes?  Me!!!


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