Belted Shorts Sans Belt

Why stop at one pair of shorts…

Pink Belted Shorts

After sewing the Berry Bubble Shorts, I whipped up another pair of Belted shorts for my little one.  I used this pattern before when Jilly Atlanta was letting everyone choose a free pattern to try them out and see what they’re like.  I made this funky pink pair!  I really like the pattern, so when the girls wanted to be matchy-matchy with the heart shorts, I went with this one.

Belted Shorts

For these denim heart shorts, I omitted the belt loops and belt.  I like the flat front and elastic in the back.  The pattern is very beginner friendly.  There are several pictures and even videos to help out.  The only thing I would do differently next time is how the belt loops are sewn.  I DESPISE bodkins.  That’s putting it mildly.  I just cannot get the hang of them.  My husband has to do them for me, and I just can’t sit around and wait for him!

Belted Shorts

Anyway, the pattern took me about an hour or less.  It’s very quick, and just soooo cute, so she feels special too!  I made a size 3, but I ended up shortening the elastic in the back about an 1″ because I’m not using the belt to help keep them up.

Belted Shorts

I also made a faux back yoke to match sissy’s Berry Bubble shorts.  All I did was sew a line through the elastic casing close to the top.  I was actually going to sew another line in the faux yoke space, but I liked the way it turned out this way, so I kept it.

Belted Shorts

Also, I had enough length on these to turn the bottom hem up to make cuffs.  First, I just serged the bottom edge to finish it.  I turned it up wrong sides together about 1 3/4″ and stitched the edge down.  Then I folded the bottom edge up towards the front, pressed very well, and stitched at the sides only.  I really love the way these turned out, and they look super adorable on her.

I was looking through some of the other patterns Jilly Atlanta has in her shop, and the hazel top is soooo adorable!  I might have to make that one too…

Oh my goodness, I should probably get back to my family, it is Father’s Day after all!

3 Replies to “Belted Shorts Sans Belt”

  1. Oh~!

    So cute- so very cute! I love the heart denim! You’re daughter is so precious.
    I really need some of those shorts now. I know that these are for your little girl, but I’m considering some for a big girl- such as myself. Thanks for the tips and inspiration!



    1. Thank you so much! I’m planning on doing the same thing for myself with Blank Slate’s Oceanside Shorts pattern. I have it all cut out in blue gingham, I just need to stop sewing for my girls and do some selfish sewing!!!

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