Me Made May 2016 Week 3

Here is my third week of makes…


Pattern:  Casual Lady Dress
Designer:  Andrea Pannell for Go To Patterns
Blogged:  No, but I will, there were some fitting changes that are interesting (like sway back), and I’ll share when I make another one.


Pattern:  Miss Ruby Tuesday
Designer:  1 Puddle Lane
Blogged:  Yes!


Pattern:  McCalls 6359
Blogged:  No.  I really didn’t like this top at all and only use it as a bathing suit cover up.  I may make another with some fitting changes because the pattern runs quite large.  The pink fabric is upcycled from a lace sweater.


Pattern:  Vintage Butterick 6856
Blogged:  Yes!


Pattern:  Ruby Top
Designer:  Made By Rae
Blogged:  Not yet, but I will because I love it!  It’s an upcycled men’s button down shirt.


Pattern:  Julia Cardigan
Designer:  Welcome to the Mouse House
Blogged:  Yes!


Pattern:  Vintage Butterick 6856
Blogged:  Yes!

I haven’t worn a repeat make yet, but there’s still time…

I’m currently working on Kids Clothing Week, so more kids summer clothing coming soon!

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