Me Made May 2016 Week 2

Here is my second week of me made clothing…


Pattern:  Beauty Boatneck
Designer:  SUAT
Blogged:  Yes!


Pattern:  Plantain T-Shirt
Designer:  Deer & Doe
Blogged:  No, but this is my second version of this top.  I raised the neckline about an inch.  The fabric is so soft from Girl Charlee.


Pattern:  Plaintain T-Shirt
Designer:  Deer & Doe
Blogged:  No, this is the first version I made, no changes.  The neckline was a bit low when I first made it, but as time has gone by, it seems to be fine, or I’m just used to it.  Fabric is also from Girl Charlee.

#MMMAY16 #casuallady

Pattern:  Casual Lady
Designer:  Andrea Pannell for Go To Patterns
Blogged:  Yes!

#MMMAY16 #mabelskirt #colettepatterns

Pattern:  Mabel
Designer:  Colette
Blogged:  Yes!

#MMMAY16 #citygirltop #seekatesew

Pattern:  City Girl Top
Designer:  See Kate Sew
Blogged:  Yes!

#mmmay16 #zippytop #seekatesew

Pattern:  Zippy Top
Designer:  See Kate Sew
Blogged:  Yes!

My poor little thing is sick in the last picture.  She was glued to me most of the day.  Anyway, another week down of me-made clothing! Still weird taking so many selfies though.  I was taking one at work yesterday, and I think my coworkers must think I’m quite narcissistic taking full body pics of myself!

Oh, and OAL is back for 2016!  Now you must be wondering (I’m sure you’re really not) what happened to my OAL 2015 outfit.  Well, I’m halfway done on that one!  I made a muslin for the dress last year, and when I went to try it on again, it didn’t fit at all anymore!  I just finished my new muslin and will be going forward.  As for the cardigan, I need to finish the sleeves on that.  I love it so far though!  The current OAL outfit is much quicker than last year though, so I shouldn’t have any problems actually finishing it 🙂

Who else is participating?

4 Replies to “Me Made May 2016 Week 2”

      1. No that’s it. I recently started subscribing to Seamwork and I was trying to decide which pattern to download and sew. Do you have favorites?


        1. I do! I love the Astoria pattern which is so easy to make. I also like the Moji pants pattern and plan on making the Adelaide dress next. I have learned a lot from their magazine; I love it!


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