Me Made May 2016 Week 1

Here we go, my handmade clothes for the first week!

#MMMAY16 #clemenceskirt #loveatfirststitch

Pattern:  Clemence Skirt
Designer:  Tilly and the Buttons
Book:  Love at First Stitch
Blogged:  Yes!

#MMMAY16 #RubyTop #MadeByRae

Pattern:  Ruby Top
Designer:  Made By Rae
Blogged:  Yes!

#MMMAY16 #SeamworkMag #Astoria

Pattern:  Astoria
Designer:  Seamwork
Blogged:  No.  This was a very quick make.  I made a mini version for my little one using the Little Miss Ruby Tuesday pattern.  I think I’m going to make a longer version for myself next.

#MMMAY16 #TurnaboutBlouse #ModernPrairieSewing

Pattern:  Turnabout Blouse
Book:  Modern Prairie Sewing
Blogged:  Yes!

#MMMAY16 #PlantainT-Shirt #deer&doe

Pattern:  Plantain T-Shirt (free pattern)
Designer:  Deer & Doe
Blogged:  Not yet.  This top is made with a heavyweight French terry in size XS.  I think I should’ve sized up!  The fabric also seems to shrink each time I wash it.

#MMMAY16 #SUAT #BeautyBoatneck

Pattern:  Beauty Boatneck
Designer:  SUAT
Blogged:  Yes!

#MMMAY16 #RubyTop #MadeByRae

Pattern:  Ruby Top with Washi Expansion Pack Sleeves
Designer:  Made By Rae
Blogged:  Yes!

I used Instagram to keep track of my wears (#MMMAY16), and it was fun looking at other makes too.  I find it so inspiring to see what others are sewing up, and knitting too, but I also find it frustrating because I just want to make what they’re making too!

Other than the skirt, most of my makes are tops.  I think it’s time to venture into shorts and pants now.  I have a couple of shorts patterns in my queue, like the Oceanside pattern and a vintage pattern I’ll be sharing soon.  Please share your favorite shorts patterns and tutorial links ’cause I need more inspiration!

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