Sewing Quiet Books – Potato Head Dress Up and Shapes Matching

I’ve always enjoyed Mr. Potato Head, and the Mrs. too for that matter!  My toddler also loves them, so including the felt dress up Potato Head seemed logical.  I love the Potato Head patterns Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows provided for our creative enjoyment, for free!

Toddler Quiet Book Pages - Potato Head

Here are my potato head pages.  I added a little flower decoration to the clothing “pot”, and I shortened it to fit on my page.  I’m actually concerned all of the clothes won’t be able to fit when a toddler hand crams them into it, but I guess we’ll see.

Toddler Quiet Book Pages - Potato Head

I doubled up the felt for each item, machine sewing them together.  I hand stitched the details on first.  I know she’s going to love the variety of dress-up items, but let me tell you, they seemed to take FOREVER!

Toddler Quiet Book Pages - Shapes Matching

I also finished a shapes matching page for the toddler book too.  I just free-handed the shapes for these and hand stitched the shape outlines onto the page.  For each shape, I sandwiched a piece of ribbon in between the fabric and felt scraps before machine sewing, then secured the bottom of those ribbons to the bottom of the felt page by stitching back and forth several times.

Toddler Quiet Book Pages - Shapes Matching

I really liked picking out fabric scraps with my little one for each shape, especially the little face on the heart.  It’s the fabric line I’m making her quilt out of, and I’m sooooo excited to get started on it soon!

Toddler Quiet Book Pages - Shapes Matching

I added a short pocket to the bottom, trimmed with some vintage bias tape.  I really like all of the scraps I’m using up with these pages!  I like the simple shapes and the layout, but I’m wondering if the all of the ribbons are going to distract her and make her frustrated.

Toddler Quiet Book Pages - Shapes Matching

Here’s the page all put away.  If I had an embroidery machine I’d stitch the names of each shape inside of them, but alas I do not. It’ll be fun to see how she likes this page.  She knows all of the shapes except for the pentagon, and it’ll be fun asking her questions about the details in each fabric, like the circles inside the circle and squares inside the square.  Yeah, that was on purpose 😉

These pages have been so much fun to put together, but wow are they taking a lot longer than I thought they would!  Lots of little steps.  I’m definitely not going to make as many pages as I had originally intended to by the time we’re traveling, but I can always make new pages later and change them out for future trips.

Happy sewing!


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