The Geranium Dress and Matching Go To Leggings

I’m back to the Geranium Dress.  It’s just such a great pattern, and it fits my girl so well.  I really love the simplicity and the sweet shape of the bodice and skirt.

Geranium Dress & Go To Leggings

My goodness, don’t look at those boots!!!  She loves puddles…oh, and that’s not a rat, that’s my dog…he loves puddles too apparently.

I’ve been staring at this corduroy fabric since I bought it last year.  I was going to make a little coat with it, but the thought of matching the pattern drove me crazy.  I think I just wanted to use up this fabric and get it out of my line of vision!  I do love the colors though, the mustard yellow, pink and even dark green!  I also didn’t get enough to pattern match very well, so even with this simple dress pattern, I was struggling to match all of those designs.

Geranium Dress & Go To Leggings

I’m happy for the most part though, and at least the back looks pretty kick-ass!  Look at that awesome pattern matching!  Pretty much the only place, but hey, at least it’s where it counts.  I ended up splurging on some buttons that are made from recycled plastic.  I wanted the green buttons to bring out the green in the triangles, but it didn’t match as well once on the fabric.  Still cute though, and they get the job done.

Geranium Dress & Go To Leggings

I also had some pattern matching issues here at the front (actually, I got sloppy when sewing the bodice to the skirt and didn’t feel like going back, seriously folks, I can be lazy about the oddest things), so what did I do? I added a pleated flower that took more time than fixing the pattern matching issue, but it’s way cute so who cares!  I used this pleated bow tutorial by Craftaholics Anonymous.  My favorite thing about this blog are peeking at all of those craft rooms!  Anyway, I like the sharpness of this flower since it matches the sharp points of the fabric pattern.  I ended up hot gluing felt to the back, then sewing 3 snaps on to remove it from the dress when I wash it.

Geranium Dress & Go To Leggings

I wanted her to be able to wear this dress now in the cooler weather, so I had some leftover mustard ponte de roma from Girl Charlee that matched pretty well.  I had just enough too!  I used my very loved Go To Leggings pattern (which appears to be on sale right now) in a size 5T.  They fit her perfectly too, so I didn’t have to mess around with any fitting.  I used my serger and coverstitch to assemble and finish these up.  Seriously took like no time at all folks; I love my power tools!

I’ve made both of these patterns so many times.  I just love how they fit, and I know they’re going to fit each time I make them.  Do you have any kids patterns you keep going to, even though you have like 50 others you haven’t even used yet?  The guilt!

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