Make a Gift – Knitting Needle Organizer Tutorial

If you know any knitters or crocheters, this needle organizer is a perfect gift for them.  It’s super easy too, and the smaller size means they can toss it in their knitting tote and it won’t take up much space.  Plus, you can easily use leftover fabric for it!

Sew Knitting Needle Organizer

Another thing is this can be very customizable, sewn in a variety of sizes, any number of pockets, add zipper pockets, really, whatever you think your knitting friend might like.

Sew Knitting Needle Organizer

I’m going to keep it simple here though so you can see just how nice and easy a gift this is to make.


  • Outside Fabric: 17″ wide by 18.5″ tall
  • Inside Fabric (see cutting recommendations below)
    • If using a heavier weight fabric like canvas or duck cloth, don’t interface
    • If using a quilting weight fabric, interface with something like Shape-Flex SF101 (this stuff is almost always 50% off somewhere!)
  • Ruler
  • Erasable marker or tailor’s chalk (always test to make sure it removes from your fabric as we’ll be drawing lines with it right on the front)
  • grosgrain ribbon or twill tape
  • coordinating thread and sewing tools

Cutting Recommendations – For the Inside Fabric, you will need to decided what type of knitting needles (straight/circular/dpns) or hooks this project is for.  If you’re making it as a gift, a single pocket for straight needles or hooks will probably be fine (the pictures with the green and red fabrics has a single pocket), unless you know the knitter you’re sewing for mostly uses circular needles, then you can make the case for circular needles with another pocket (the pictures with the red Cardinals fabric has double pockets).  This is completely customizable, so you don’t have to use my measurements, but they’re here for a very generic needle organizer.

Sew Knitting Needle Organizer

  • For a single pocket for straight needles, cut the inside pocket at 17″ wide by 8″ tall, and the main lining fabric piece at 17″ wide and 18.5″ tall

Sew Knitting Needle Organizer

  • For double pockets for circular needles, cut 2 shorter pockets (they’ll need to be shallow), I would say around 5″ tall by width (here’s it’s 17″), and cut two of them, in addition to the main lining fabric piece at 17″ wide and 18.5″ tall.  I’ll provide a tutorial for that one soon.

I have the downloadable pdf instructions here for a single pocket.  The size is different under materials, but the instructions are the same.  The pictures at the top of the instructions show a double pocket needle organizer (straight needles in the back, circulars in the front), but the instructions were simplified for a sewing class I was teaching, so they’re for a single pocket organizer.  Can you believe the ladies in my class finished this in just a few hours?!

Sew Knitting Needle Organizer

A quick holiday gift for knitters!  One can never have too many needle organizers!


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