Another Vintage Skirt – Butterick 6856

I am so behind in posting and keeping track of my makes.  I have some really fun ones too!  How to make more time in my day?????  Anyway…

After sewing a wearable muslin for Butterick 6856, I decided to make another one to add to my capsule wardrobe.  I was gifted some black linen type fabric I knew would be perfect for this skirt, and I couldn’t wait to make my first “nice” capsule wardrobe item for myself!

Another Vintage Skirt

Following the fitting changes from my muslin, I removed 1/2″ from each side of the pattern since the muslin sat a bit low on my waist.  The construction was the same as the muslin.  The only thing I did differently was hand stitch the waistline down with a slip stitch which is what the instructions said to do.  I pulled out all the stops on this one!!

Another Vintage Skirt

I also added the extra buttons, but after they were sewn on, they don’t appear to be black after all.  I think they’re blue!  Barely noticeable, so whatever, I’m not going back to change them now.

Another Vintage Skirt

Overall I’m happy with this skirt.  Maybe I’m just a tough critic here, but I’m not crazy with the look along the hips.  I like the look with a shirt sitting over the waistline as opposed to tucked in too.

I love that it’s simple though, and it will wear well any season (even with bright pink tights!).  Great for a capsule wardrobe piece.  Now to get working on those vintage patterns for my pledge!  If you’re participating in A Stitching Odyssey’s 2015 Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge, how many have you made so far?  I’m at only 2 people!  I need to get going to reach 5!


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