The Pepper Pinafore and Cami

Now that fall is officially here, I’m really focusing on the fall wardrobes of myself and my girls.  This first piece is perfect for the fall because it can be layered easily with either a cami or long sleeves!

The Pepper Pinafore and Cami is yet another cute pattern from Shwin Designs.  I’ve been sitting on some Small World fabric by Rae Hoekstra, a lightweight organic corduroy from Cloud 9 fabrics.  I love the little clouds and apples, perfect for this time of year!  My little one actually picked it out awhile back; she loves blue.

This was a very quick sew.  I started with the cami in some coordinating fabric I had in my stash.  I made some red bias tape with a linen type fabric that’s very soft.  Unfortunately, the way the pattern is written, the top won’t fit over my girl’s head.  I ended up adding snaps to the back to get it on and off (no photos because she won’t actually let me put it on her again).

Pepper Pinafore and Cami

The pinafore is also pretty quick to put together.  I didn’t make it reversible or add pockets.  I find simplicity is best with my younger one.  She just turned 2 a few days ago by the way, which I still can’t believe!  I wish someone would tell her hair that…

Pepper Pinafore and Cami

I did add some blue vintage ribbon to the front to break up the fabric pattern a bit.  I only had enough for the front, which was ok since I added this after I finished the pinafore!  It was easy to just seam rip the sides a little and add it, then sew the sides back up.

Pepper Pinafore and Cami

She also has narrow shoulders, so I’m finding these faux cap sleeve type tops fit her much better.

Pepper Pinafore and Cami

The open back is also just so cute!  It was pretty hot when we took these pictures, so I didn’t put anything under the pinafore.  Still looks cute and fairly modest for a little girl.

I’ll probably make one for my other girl, but I’m not sure how I feel about this top.  I’m not super crazy about it.  I’m not sure if it’s the fabric and the way it looks (too busy or too crisp), but I guess I’ll give it another shot.  I’m thinking large black and oatmeal stripes!

Anyway, I’m off to try my hand at bra making with the Sierra sew-along!  A perfect way to start Selfish Sewing Week.  Are you participating in either?


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