Butterick 6856 – Vintage Skirt

As you know I’ve made a pledge to sew up 5 garments using vintage patterns this year.  Up to this point I’ve sewn up one, so I figured I should get moving on another one already!

Butterick 6856

I decided I wanted to sew up a skirt since all I’ve been sewing up are tops, and I desperately need some skirts.  After looking at the finished measurements, I chose view A.  I’m short, so view A on me will look like view B on the pattern picture.

I wanted to start with a wearable muslin because one, I want to be able to wear something, even if it is temporary, and two, I haven’t sewn anything for my bottom half in like 20 years, so there’s some apprehension I need to get past. The fabric I chose is thin and also has some crispness to it, not very soft, and I wouldn’t be upset if I had to scrap it.  It also would match lots of different tops.

My waist is 27″, and although the pattern is made for 28″ waists, I decided not to make any alterations to the pattern beforehand.  In all honesty, after eating lunch I’m sure a 28″ waist would come in handy! I made the pattern according to the instructions which were very easy to follow.  The only thing I came up against was how to ease in that full bottom hem!

Easing A Full Hem Easing a Full Hem 2

There’s almost a 3″ bottom hem, so after having serged the bottom (completely forgetting the fullness of the hem), I stitched a basting stitch along the hemline to ease the fullness. Easing Full Hem You can see the left side has lots of loose fabric, and right side has been eased.

Butterick 6856

After pressing, I added bias tape to finish the edge.  You can see the bias tape hem on the right, and the right side stitch line on the left.

Butterick 6856

I love the color of these buttons, especially how they pop next to this blue fabric.

Butterick 6856

At first I placed the buttons where the pattern told me to, but when I sat down, there’s a big gaping hole between buttons 2 and 3; giant crotch shot!  Plus it just looks awkward.  I decided to add more buttons and take care of that 🙂

Butterick 6856

The skirt felt a little big at the end, so I took it in a 1/4″ at each side, which effectively removes the 1″ from the beginning pattern. I really hated the way this looked, and it felt a bit snug, not to mention the bulky side seams, so I decided to go back and remove this.  The skirt is too thick to take in less than 1/4″ at the sides, so I think I’ll just make note of this for the next skirt I make with this pattern.

Butterick 6856

Butterick 6856

Overall, I wasn’t crazy about the way this skirt looks with this crisp fabric, although it does help the skirt hold its A line structure.  I’d rather have something with a softer drape.

Anyone else working on your #vintagepledge?  Did you know about Lucky Lucille’s Vintage Inspired Four Piece Mini Capsule Wardrobe “VIFPMCW Sewing Challenge”?  I think I can definitely work this in with my vintage patterns huh?  Totally doable because there’s no deadline 🙂

4 Replies to “Butterick 6856 – Vintage Skirt”

  1. I really love the red buttons on this fabric and the more the merrier in my opinion! It looks like it fits you well too. Thanks for the link to Lucky Lucille’s challenge – I’m off for a peek… 🙂


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