Vintage Crossover Pinafore – KCW

I made a little vintage pinafore during Kids Clothes Week.  It’s a cute and free little crossover pinafore pattern from Smashed Peas and Carrots, and I’ve made like three of them over the last couple of years.

Golden Hands

I actually wanted to make a vintage pinafore pattern from a Golden Hands magazine I inherited from my Grandma, but I already had this free little crossover pinafore cut out of the same fabric I used for these city gym shorts.

CarriageI did love the carriage on the vintage pinafore though (and so does she), and come on, Traveling theme here!  Only it’s the stuffy that goes a-travelin’!  She won’t actually leave her stuffy in there, but oh well, her choice.

Carriage FrontI followed the instructions for attaching the carriage in Golden Hands, although I did add some interfacing to make sure the carriage wasn’t floppy.  The loop is the handle of the carriage, and in my haste I left that out, but it was easy enough to add back in using my seam ripper and top stitching.

CrossoverThe crossover is very cute and airy for summer.  It’s a little big on her still, but she’ll be able to wear it with a long sleeve shirt come winter.  My older daughter has been able to wear her crossover pinafores until she was 3!

I used vintage sheets for the lining of the pinafore and the lining of the carriage.  I found this blue and white polka dot floral vintage sheets on Etsy awhile back, and they matched the dogs pretty well.

I still plan on making the pinafore from Golden Hands.  Here’s the back:

Vintage Pinafore BackI can just picture which vintage buttons I would use!

As you can see, I’m behind in posting what I’ve made.  There’s so much I’ve made, I just need to get better at remembering to take pictures when we’re wearing our me-mades!



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