Baby Gusset Pants and Scarf Bib

One of my favorite people is going to be a grandma next month, so I wanted to make something special for her grandbaby.  I had all these grandiose ideas of sewing a round tummy time quilt for the park (I still want to make one of those one day), but realistically I just got started yesterday, and I’m seeing her tomorrow, soooooo…

I went through my baby pins on Pinterest and narrowed it down to a handful of quick sews.  The daddy is a park ranger, and they live on a reserve with all sorts of wild animals, so I thought a cowboy/wilderness type theme would be so adorable (now that I’m looking at them, lumberjack is what pops into my head).

Baby PantsI absolutely LOVE these baby pants on The Purl Bee.  They have some amazing patterns for FREE on their blog, and I just love their photography and fabric/yarn choices for everything.  When I saw these pants, I knew I would make them someday.

Baby Pants GussetI had some leftover Kaufman Mammoth Flannel Plaid Adventure that is the softest fabric ever, and I think it fits the bill for cute cowboy babyness.  I also had this green corduroy that’s a remnant from JoAnn’s.

GussestLook at that gusset!  So cute for a little baby tush!  I just wish I would’ve made these earlier for my babies.

Scarf BibI wanted to include something else to coordinate with the soft flannel.  I wanted something like a bandana, but that was functional too.  I found this cute Bib Scarf on ToddAh’s blog, and I thought this could work.

Bib BackThe back of the bib is toweling.  I really didn’t think this bib would work out with my material, but once you get pinning, it sort of all fits together.  The toweling did stretch a little when I was sewing, so it’s kind of wonky at the edges.

BibTo close it up, I just ironed the opening like I did for my other bibs, and top stitched 1/8″ all around.  This was kind of necessary to get the fabric on top to ruch-up instead of spread out.

Overall I’m happy with it.  I was hoping to also appliqué a motorcycle onto a onesie, but I put them away somewhere and now I can’t find them!  I did find some 18 month sized ones, so I’ll be appliquéing these for my little one.

Hopefully I’ll get a cute little picture of her grandson wearing these!  Do you have a go-to baby sewing project?  What is it?

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