Little Zippy Dress

Happy Valentine’s Day folks!!!

We had to take advantage of the amazingly warm February weather today, and took the girls to the Little Farm in Tilden Park.  Much to my surprise, my daughter wanted to wear this dress with her upcycled heart sweat pants.  I say this dress because it wasn’t really sewn to be worn per se.

Little Zippy DressI used the Little Zippy Top pattern and lengthened it to make a Little Zippy Dress.  I had this blue synthetic fabric in my stash; I’m pretty sure it’s some type of polyester blend.  The tiny flowers are very cute, so I used it to make a wearable muslin for her.  I really didn’t think she’d wear it though because the fabric isn’t soft or anything.  It’s actually kind of shiny and static clingy.

Zippy Dress

I think it would look adorable with a little belt, but she didn’t want to wear one.  Of course, she thought it looked “just great with these heart pants and boots!”.  Sure, sure it does sweetie.

GoatThe goat sure seemed to like the dress.  This goat seemed to like everything around, including our stroller’s steering wheel.

SheepI really like the little zipper detail.  I should make some of these for my younger daughter since she has such a large head!  Sometimes I just can’t get her tops over her head 🙂

Feeding SheepThey had a blast feeding the farm animals.  She’s still afraid of the cows, but she came closer than before to feeding them again (a couple of years ago, one of the cows pulled celery out of her hand so roughly, she swore to always hate cows).

I will definitely be making more of these little zippy dresses, probably with fun embellishments though.  It’s a great blank canvas type of pattern that is sewn up quickly.

Do you make wearable muslins for your kids?  I do sometimes when I’m not exactly sure how something will turn out, and I don’t want to waste my nice fabric on it!  I’ve been there, and it’s always so sad!

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