KCW – Upcycled Motorcycle Shirts to Dress

I’ve not been very good at the sewing for one hour each day this week for Kids Clothes Week.  I’ve tried, but with a sick baby, power outages, and a work presentation, I’ve maybe clocked in 2 hours.  Buuuuuut, I have a couple of cute little things to share!  Today I will only share one of them though since my daughter would only let me take pics of this one outfit on her.

Motorcycle Shirts

I have many motorcycle t-shirts to upcycle.  Since my daughter loves the Anywhere Dress so much, I figured I couldn’t go wrong making another one.

Dress 1The only problem is that she decided she wouldn’t wear it as a 100% upcycled dress because it didn’t have any “girly colors”.  I didn’t have anything “girly” to upcycle, so I had to use some pink double knit I had on hand.  Pink DressThe pink cuffs and bottom band made her very happy!  I was going to turn it into a top, but she insisted it stayed a dress.

The t-shirts were made of very thin jersey, and I was surprised how off grain they were.  It made for some interesting cutting!  It was like my brain didn’t want to wrap around the fact the shirt had to be diagonal in order to be on grain.  I just serged the dress together, and I didn’t do any topstitching.  I might go back and topstitch where I added the cuffs and band though.Motorcycle PrintWell, she’s had enough of the picture taking!

Lots of fun, upcycling is, and I have so many things to make!!!  A little bummed I ran out of time for KCW, but that’s life huh? 🙂

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