The Perfect Pajama Bottoms

I LOVE pajama bottoms! It began years ago, after I graduated from college and began my career.  I would get home and immediately put my most comfortable pajama bottoms on. My friend humorously called them “giving up on life pants”.

After a couple of years I completely changed my career path, but my love for the perfect pajamas has not waned.  My older daughter also loves pajama pants (unfortunately it’s hard to get her out of them in mornings!)…(me too actually!), and I’ve been trying to come up with a perfect pattern for her.  She’s very thin and has long legs, so this combination leaves her with pajamas that are either too short or falling off.

I’ve tried several patterns, free patterns too, but I always have to make several adjustments to the size.  I decided to scrap them and make my own pattern.  I think I might just be there, but I thought I’d share some photos that I shot last weekend because my younger daughter wouldn’t stop playing with said jammies.


These are the first bottoms I made using an adorable kitty cat flannel remnant.  These were too wide in the leg.

Cutie Pie!This one loves the camera!!  When I tell her to smile, I get the biggest smile ever 🙂

Second Pj BottomsThese I made next.  I love the colors in the flannel, and it was thick and soft.  These were still a bit wide in the bottom/hip area.

Second Pj Bottoms 2“Look at all of the space in here!” is what she would say if she could talk.  Instead she squealed loudly and said, “pee a boo!”.Third Pj BottomsShe’s looking at me like maybe these are for her…  Nope, they’re the third version in my quest for the perfect Pj bottoms.  They’re much thinner in the leg and hip areas, but not thin enough.  I think I was just too hesitant to hack off much width each time, so it’s taken several versions.  Third Pj Bottoms 2I changed the cuff on these ones too.CuffThat’s pretty much it.  I’ve made changes to my pattern, and I’ll begin hopefully the perfect pair soon!  I’m thinking vintage pillow case with flannel lining!Penny Out!Penny out!

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