Maggie Mae Holiday Top and Then Some

I’ve had my eye on the Maggie Mae pattern for quite some time.  I don’t know why I put off buying it for as long as I did, but when I saw the Black Friday sale Shwin Designs was having, I had to buy it, and then four other patterns!

This pattern was very simple to put together and didn’t take much time at all.  I love that because I can sew up some more!  I made the 4T, but my daughter is on the thinner side, so it was a bit big.  It’ll be good for future tops for this spring/summer.

Holiday Top frontI used some red linen fabric I had in my stash.  It was a Britex remnant find, and incredibly cheap too.  I was actually saving it for a small quilt, but then it looked so cute with this ornament holiday fabric.  It was some super super cheap fabric I was going to use for holiday gift bags, but my daughter loved it so much, I used it for her top.Cover Buttons KitI had these self-cover buttons, and they’re rather large, but I thought they’d look cute with the ornament fabric.  They’re a little different from the ones I’ve used before.  There’s no tool to use, just push the fabric in using a screwdriver type item and use a spool of thread to close it.Covered ButtonSince the linen was slipping around, and it’s fairly thin, I fused some interfacing to the back.  It worked well, so I did this for the other button too.Back of Holiday Maggie MaeI only used two buttons since three looked a little busy with all of the ornaments.  I just love the way this turned out with those simple pleats and color blocks.  My daughter loved it as well.

After matching her new top to several holiday dresses my younger daughter had, I realized the reds didn’t match, soooooo… After dinner I whipped up a top for my younger daughter to wear under her sweater with a faux fur collar.

Simple Holiday TopThis was made using an existing top sloper I had for a size 18mos.  I only had maybe 45 minutes to put something together, so I used a very simple back closure like the one I used here.Back ClosureI serged the entire thing together and used bias tape I made from the linen fabric to finish the neckline and armholes.  For the bottom hem, I just serged, flipped, and sewed a small hem.  It seemed rather short so this saved length.HemIt was so quick and easy!Back of Simple TopPardon the wrinkles 🙂  Too bad she’ll only wear it a couple of times though.

When I tried to get pics of them with Santa, my younger daughter got sick and threw up all over them, so no pics yet!  I’ll get them next week though.

Photo shoots gone wrong 🙂  I’m sure we’ll have more of those to come…

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