My First Knit: Viewfinder Knit Tee

I’m one of those sewers that has completely avoided knit fabrics.  I think it’s all of those tips I see from time to time.  “Don’t be afraid to sew knits” has made me afraid to sew knits!  I felt like it was time to give sewing knits a serious try.

After an hour of playing with knits on my serger (I’ve only used it to finish seams on woven fabric), I decided to go ahead and sew a top for my girl.  I chose to sew the Viewfinder Knit Tee because it’s small and looks really easy.  I’m also familiar with See Kate Sew’s patterns, so I figured that would be an advantage for me.

Viewfinder Tee 1My husband gave away all of his motorcycle t-shirts last year, so I’ve been keeping them knowing I could use them to practice on. Viewfinder Tee 2This was a really easy top to sew up.  I mean, I think I spent less than an hour from cutting fabric to finishing hems.  Sergers make things really easy!  I did use a twin needle on my regular sewing machine to topstitch the neckline and bottom hem.  Maybe I’ll get a coverstitch machine as another gift 😉Viewfinder Tee 3The top doesn’t quite fall off of her shoulder, but it has a very “relaxed” look around the neckline.  Reminds me of my t-shirts as a child actually.  I would probably change the way I finish the neckline next time, as well as the bottom hem.Viewfinder Tee 4The back is a bit longer than the front.  I’m also going to need to work on that hemline with the twin needles since it keeps curling up and won’t lay flat for long.Viewfinder Tee 5

Overall I’m very happy with the top and will definitely be making more.  I still can’t believe how easy it was!  She loves it!  Especially because it used to be her Daddy’s!

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