Antiquing a Sewing Room Organizer with Paint and Glaze

Almost DoneIt’s almost done (the doors are still not on, but who knows how long those will take me)!  Here’s the before:BeforeIt was $2.99 at my local thrift shop, and I was looking for something to hang on my wall to organize smaller sewing items like ribbon, jars of buttons and ric rac.  I also wanted to practice some of those painting and antiquing/glazing techniques I’ve read so much about.

Materials I used:  Zinsser primer spray paint, leftover paint from Benjamin Moore – Aura/Matte Finish in Antique Glass, Valspar’s Translucent Color Glaze, paint brush, foam brushes, sand paper (fine grit), and old diaper rags.

First I cleaned it with water and a rag.  I didn’t sand it initially, just applied a couple of coats of spray primer.  I let it dry overnight, although I could’ve just painted it like 30 minutes after priming the last coat.  I used foam brushes for the corners, painted it with a foam roller (which I hated because it left big blobs of paint), then after letting that coat dry, painted a final coat with a paint brush.  I lightly sanded after that.

Before GlazeIt looked very bright and clean!  Now I’ve read a few different reviews about the Glaze, and I was a bit hesitant because most of the pics I’ve seen using this look awful (sorry guys, but it often just looks dirty).  I decided to try it anyway and see firsthand why they still raved about the finished product.

I applied the glaze using a paint brush.  It stays wet for awhile, even though it was already 80 degrees when I started.  I wiped the glaze off with a dry rag after applying it to the entire piece, but it stayed on pretty thick and looked dirty.  I changed to a wet rag which made all the difference I think.  Much more glaze was removed (be careful or it’ll all wipe off).Glazed HeartYou can see the glaze in the imperfections of the wood.  It’s very faint, but I like it.

Ric RacIt’s funny seeing the pics here because they look “dirty”, but you know in person, it looks very nice.  Much more authentic than the faux antique pieces found in stores.Upper cornerI’m pleased with the way it turned out.

GlazedNow if I could only finish those little doors…

I’ve been working on several projects to organize my sewing space, this being the first one that is mostly completed.  The problem is I just want to sew and not organize!

How about you?

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